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Reina Randwulf

Hello there, this is Reina! I'm an architecture student who loves to write more than to draw. This lj is for everything! I wrote fanfic, some snippet from my life, and sometimes rant.

My fandom: Suju, Doctor Who, Life on Mars, The Avengers (both comic and movie), House Md. OTP: Sihan (Suju), Gene/Sam (LoM), Tenth/Master (Doctor Who), Steve/Tony (The Avengers), Hilson (House Md). I've already had a huge crush on Iron Man since I was a kid :p

If you know me and I know you, feel free to add me. I don't really like to be added by a random stranger. At least leave a proper comment in my journal
My Works

You can find my fics here. I've been through a long hiatus now but I'm trying to write again. So that's it!

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