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Fanatic (6/?)

Title : Fanatic (6/?)
Pairing : Siwon/Han Geng
Genre : Mystery
Rating : PG-13 for the theme and some swearing words
Summary : Han Geng had a perfect life. He’s an award winning actor, had a lot of loyal fans, and had a secret relationship with a Korean actor named Choi Siwon. His charm drew a lot of stalker around him. He could handle them just fine until one day, he faced the most fanatic stalker he ever faced
Disclaimer : not mine, never will :/

The shooting had been canceled due to the accident that happened before. The crews were busy cleaning up the mess. The casts had left the filming location and gone back. They would shoot the scene later when everything was back to normal again.

“We will shoot this scene once you are healthy enough to act. We will shoot other scenes without you. We are sorry for what had happened to you, Geng.”

Han Geng just nodded his head and didn’t say anything. The producer kept telling him that they were sorry for what had happened to him. Han Geng was in the one of the trailer now, sitting there with a blanket wrapping his slightly shaking body. He hadn’t spoken any word since the accident. His mind kept playing that terrifying image of Yesung standing besides the crates with his cold eyes looking at him.

Did Yesung really do that?

“Sshh... Geng, don’t worry. I’m here.” Siwon kissed his forehead.

Siwon never left Han Geng’s side since the accident. He didn’t stop screaming for help and commanded anyone to help the Chinese man. He was also the one who wrapped Han Geng’s body with the blanket. He guided Han Geng to the trailer and made him to sit down. Then he sat beside him and slung his arms over Han Geng’s shoulder. He never stopped giving Han Geng’s shoulder a little pat and whispered soft comforting words to his ears. It seemed he didn’t care about being intimate in front of a lot of people. Han Geng didn’t care about it either.

“Geng, everything will be okay. Don’t be afraid. You have me here.” Siwon whispered to his ear.

Han Geng still refused to say anything. He still remembered Yesung’s eyes looking directly at him. He still remembered the hatred on those eyes. Han Geng clutched the blanket tightly. It scared him.

“Geng, are you okay?” the producer asked the suddenly mute man.

“I think he’s still shocked. Maybe he needs time to rest.” Siwon said.

Han Geng closed his eyes. No, he couldn't be like this. He must get rid of that image. He had to be strong. He didn’t want to lose from this sick minded man.

“He must be scared. He nearly got killed.” Leeteuk whispered to Siwon in Korean. The older man stroked Han Geng’s hair in a comforting manner. “Accident always happens, Hankyung-sshi. We are glad you are okay.”

Han Geng wanted to laugh at Leeteuk’s words. He didn’t know what was happening back there. He didn’t see Yesung standing there and looking at him with eyes full of hatred and jealousy. He didn’t feel the fear he faced. He didn’t know.

“He’s been through a lot.” Siwon said.

“Yeah, you are right. He’s a strong man.” Leeteuk added with a gentle smile on his face.

“Yes, he is, hyung. Now, can you give him so-“ Siwon’s stopped talking when he saw Han Geng’s raised his hand.

“I’m okay. I’m just... a little bit tired.” Han Geng said.

Han Geng gave everyone who gathered in the trailer a weak smile. A forced one but he thought it was enough to calm them down.

“Geng, are you okay? Do you want to go home now?” Siwon asked.

“I’m okay. Stop worrying me like that.” Han Geng tried to maintain his smile. He didn’t want to show his fear to Siwon.

“But Geng...” Siwon whispered.

“I’m okay, Siwon. I just... I need to take a rest for awhile.”

Suddenly the door fluttered open and Zhou Mi came in with a high pitched shriek that made Han Geng’s head hurt. Han Geng wished he had much calmer manager like Leeteuk. That guy seemed pretty good at calming the frantic Siwon when Han Geng was still shocked.

“Gege! Are you alright? Are you in pain? Did you hurt yourself? Should I bring you to the hospital? Why they didn’t call an ambulance and let you rest for awhile? Why did they do this to you?” Zhou Mi asked frantically. There gone the mega watt smile.

“I’m okay, Mimi. Siwon has saved me.” Han Geng smiled to Siwon.

Siwon smiled back at him and they booth soon smiled to each other. They completely forgot they were not alone. But it seemed nobody found it odd for them to smile and hold each other hands like that. It’s just Henry who was being completely awkward seeing his favorite gege like that. That boy was surely too innocent for his own good.

“Gege, it’s your hot tea.” Henry gave Han Geng a cup of steaming tea with his head bowed down and face flushed red.

“Thank you.” Han Geng smiled and patted the young boy’s head.

He watched Henry retreated from the trailer and wondered why he was feeling guilty for showing too much affection with Siwon in front of Henry. He wanted to pull away from Siwon but the strong arms around his shoulder kept him there. Han Geng was too tired to argue with Siwon so he just lean closer to Siwon.

“Okay, can everybody get out? I want to speak with Geng-gege alone.” Zhou Mi announced loudly.

Everybody just shrugged and walked away from the trailer. Siwon refused to leave Han Geng’s side and kept holding him. When Zhou Mi glared at him, Siwon just glared back and held Han Geng even tightier.

“Choi Siwon, when I said everybody I meant everybody which is including you.” Zhou Mi said.

“I’m not just ‘everybody’ in here. I’m his boyfriend. I have a right to stay with him in this situation.” Siwon argued.

“But I need to talk something private with Geng-gege.”

“I’ve told you, I’m his boyfriend. There’s no secret between us. Isn’t that true, Geng?” Siwon looked at Han Geng with a small smile.

Han Geng suddenly wanted to cry seeing these two men fighting over him again. Why couldn’t he get normal manager and boyfriend?

“Mimi, can Siwon stay with me?” Han Geng asked.


Han Geng sent a silent plead to Zhou Mi to let him here. In the end Zhou Mi gave up trying to separate the two lovers.

“Gege, I assume you have told him about your recent stalker.” Zhou Mi guess.

Han Geng just nodded his head. He could feel Siwon held him closer as he sensed Han Geng’s fear building up.

“Do you think it’s one of that stalker’s works?” Zhou Mi asked.

“I don’t know.” Han Geng admitted.

It’s true, he didn’t know. This accident didn’t make any sense at all. If this person was indeed a stalker, a creepy one to be exact, why he wanted to kill Han Geng? After all the claimed that Han Geng couldn’t belong to anyone, why would he want Han Geng dead? It’s confusing.

“Don’t you think it’s weird? I mean, if he loves Han Geng so much, why he wants Geng-gege to die?” Zhou Mi asked.

“I’ve been thinking about the same thing as well.” Siwon said. “Maybe he wanted to scare you, ge.”

“Maybe he did that because Geng hasn’t do anything to find him.” Zhou Mi pointed out. “After all the stalkers want to make the artist they stalk to looks to them, right? Geng has been very quite with this stalking thing.”

“By nearly killing him? I can’t see the point of doing that.” Siwon sighed.

“But it leads to one thing,” Zhou Mi said, “the one who pushed the crates was one of tonight crews.”

“And he is the stalker?” Siwon asked.

“We can’t be so sure.” Zhou Mi replied.

Han Geng kept silent. His mind kept playing the image of Yesung standing behind the crates. A cold gaze was directed at him. He’s looking directly to his eyes, trying to get into him, making him shuddered in fear.

“Geng, are you alright?” Siwon whispered to his ear as he felt Han Geng’s shoulder became tensed.

Was he the one who did that? Was he the stalker?

“Geng... you’re okay?” Siwon patted his back.

The hatred... Han Geng could still feel it. He could feel the hatred on Yesung’s eyes.


What if he really wanted to kill him?

“I think it’s time for him to go back.” Zhou Mi decided and pulled Han Geng from Siwon.

Han Geng got up and let Zhou Mi to drag him across the trailer. He didn’t know what to do anymore.

“Let me walk him to his car.” Siwon asked.

Zhou Mi pushed Siwon away from Han Geng. Siwon raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“I’m sorry, Siwon. I think it’s better if you stay from Geng-gege for awhile,” Zhou Mi looked directly at Siwon’s eyes, “I think you are one of the reasons for today’s incident.”

Siwon eyes widened in surprise, “Me?”

“Yes, I think whoever this stalker is, he doesn’t feel too happy to see you two together.” Zhou Mi continued.

Han Geng didn’t say anything. That made a sense. Everybody knew he and Siwon were so close, closer than friends. But they were careful to not show too much affection in front of a lot of people. But they indeed showed a little affection to each other sometimes. Maybe he got jealous because of that.

But why did he try to kill him?

“Gege, don’t think too much. Just take a rest for today, okay?” Zhou Mi said to his ears.

Han Geng just nodded his head. He didn’t say anything and followed Zhou Mi to his car. He tried to block every image that ran in his head. He didn’t want to think about this anymore. He just wanted to sleep. He felt exhausted. He’s more than happy when he saw his car. Just drove him to his apartment already. He was tired of all of this.

“Oh no, I think I left your car key at the trailer.” Zhou Mi said. “I’ll go back to pick it. Let’s go back.”

“I stay here.” Han Geng said.

“But... It’s dangerous, ge.”

“I don’t want to go back.” Han Geng clutched his elbows to hide his slightly trembling hands.

The trembling was failed to go unnoticed by Zhou Mi. The manager just sighed heavily and gave Han Geng a small smile.

“I will go back. Just wait here okay.”

Han Geng nodded his head. Zhou Mi took his leave and left Han Geng there alone. The cold air made Han Geng to clutch his arms even more. It’s dark here. It scared him a little to be honest but Han Geng didn’t let it to bother him. He tried to think about anything that didn’t involve stalker or anything related to it. For example, he tried to recall his lines. He knew he would take a break from the filming until he, no, Zhou Mi felt Han Geng was healthy enough to act agai-

The eyes were on him again.

Han Geng’s eyes snapped open in surprise as he felt those prying eyes on him. Someone was watching him and he perfectly knew who was watching him right now.

“What do you want, Yesung?” Han Geng turned his back to face Yesung.

The Korean man was standing not far from him. He still wore his usual smile, a smile that Han Geng knew to be a fake smile. He kept that harmless image when he stepped closer to Han Geng.

“Why so rude, hyung? I just want to ask your condition. Are you alright?” Yesung asked.

“Stay away from me!” Han Geng raised his voice.

“Hyung, what’s wrong with you? I don’t have any bad intention.”

“Don’t lie to me,” Han Geng looked directly at Yesung’s eyes, “I saw you standing there.”

Yesung stopped walking. His expression suddenly changed into a cold and emotionless one. It’s the same expression he wore when the accident happened. Was it the true face of Kim Jongwoon?

“I’m sorry?” Yesung asked.

“I... I saw you.” Han Geng said nervously. Damn, why he got intimidated by Yesung?

Yesung suddenly smiled to him and started to walk to Han Geng, “You saw me? Where?”

“Don’t come near me.” Han Geng took one step backwards.

“Hyung... I don’t understand.” Yesung was getting closer to him.

“Don’t you dare come near me!” Han Geng felt all his martial arts skill was suddenly gone for a minute. How could he fight back if he was scared to death like this.


There’s no way out. He was trapped with Yesung atthis deserted parking lot. Damn, damn, DAMN! He’s so fucked up!

“Hyung... Why everyone loves you?”

Suddenly Yesung was down on the ground. It happened too fast for Han Geng to follow. Han Geng just knew Yesung groaned in pain on the ground. Then he looked up and found Siwon was standing there.


“Geng!” Siwon ran to Han Geng’s side and hugged him. “Are you alright? Did he hurt you?”

Han Geng still looked at Yesung who was still lying helplessly on the ground. Did Siwon just hit him right on his face?

“What is that for, Siwon-ah? I think we are friends.” Yesung said while trying to get up.

“I know it’s you.” Siwon said. “You are the one who pushed the crates!”

Yesung's eyes \widened in surprise. He looked shocked, angry, and excited at the same time. Really, what’s in this man’s mind?

“I know it’s you! You are not there when the crates fell. And I can tell it by Geng’s expression that you are the one who attack him.” Siwon continued his explanation.

“And why would I do that for?” Yesung challenged.

Siwon snorted, “Don’t lie to me. I know you hate him so much.”

Now it’s Han Geng’s turn to be surprised. Yesung hated him? But... he told him that he’s his fan. He had been acting like a true loyal fan, always complementing his works, trying to get close to him. Yesung hated him?

“What do you mean by that?” Han Geng asked.

“Geng, you know that this man is sick! He’s completely out of his mind! But to tell you the truth he’s also a very jealous man. I’ve told you that he likes to be in the spot light. Remember that?”

Han Geng barely recalled his conversation with Siwon regarding Yesung’s mental state. But yes, he remembered Siwon had said something like that before.

“I think he’s jealous because since he came here, you are the one who gets the whole attention. He uses to be the center of people’s attention. He’s a genius when it comes to singing. But he’s rather new to acting. But still people respect him when he’s at Korea. It must be new for him. So his admiration to you changed and becomes pure hatred.”

Han Geng felt dizzy for a moment. What did that mean? It didn’t make any sense!

“So you want to kill me just because of that?” Han Geng asked in disbelief.

Yesung just smirked at Han Geng’s question, “It’s your own fault! I can’t understand why a mere people like you can get a lot of attention like this! Why does everyone love you? I can’t understand it!”

“But that’s not a reason to kill him!” Siwon said.

“What’s wrong with that?” Yesung asked back. “I can’t stand seeing him like that. It’s better if he’s off dead or something.

Han Geng felt his anger start boiling up. What the hell did he mean?

“I hate you for stealing my spot light! Hear me? I hate yo-“

Yesung’s words died when Han Geng’s fist made a contact with his left cheek. He, once again, was down on the ground. Han Geng could see that man was spitting blood out of his mouth. And Han Geng could see something like a tooth on the ground as well. Han Geng grabbed Yesung by his collar and glared at him.

“Listen to me, you sick bastrad! I want you to be out from the cast! If you don’t do that, I will sue you.” Han Geng yelled at Yesung in his native tongue, leaving Yesung in dumbfounded there.

“Geng... calm down!” Siwon tried to calm the raging Chinese man.

“Shit! Why are you trying to kill me? Why are you terrorizing my life? I didn’t do anything bad to you!” Han Geng kept yelling to Yesung’s face.

“Geng! Calm down!”

“You’ve been scaring me for all this time! Are you happy huh?! Are you happy for that?!”



“GEGE! STOP IT!” Zhou Mi screamed.

Suddenly two pairs of arms were pulling him from Yesung. Siwon and Zhou Mi, huh? Han Geng tried to struggle but Siwon grasped his arms tightly and it started to hurt him.

“Gege, don’t do this!” Zhou Mi said.

“I want him to be out from this movie.” Han Geng said.

“But gege, it’s not that easy to do that.”

“I DON’T CARE! IT’S HIM OR ME!” Han Geng yelled at Zhou Mi.

“No! You are one of the main roles in this movie! Mr. Wong picked you to play this role. You can’t do that!” Zhou Mi started to panic.

“So kick that sick man out from here!! I don’t want to see him again.”



“Hey, can anybody speak Korean here?” Yesung asked in Korean.

“SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH, YOU BASTRAD!” Han Geng yelled in perfect Korean. The joke was right, the only Korean words Han Geng could say well enough were just swear words.

“Geng, that’s enough. Please calm down.” Siwon tried to calm the angry man.

Han Geng took a deep breath and tried to calm his nerves. This entire thing made him confused. It started from a letter and now this. And he got into this scary frightening experience just because that sick minded man was jealous of him? He couldn't accept it. It's... It’s frustrating!

“If you don’t kick his ass out from here, I will resign from this movie.” Han Geng said.

“But gege! The agency will get charged for a big amount of money if you leave!” Zhou Mi said protested.

“I don’t care.” Han Geng looked at Yesung who was standing completely dumbfounded by the rapid-fire Chinese around him. “I don’t want to work with this sick stalker.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you,” Zhou Mi said, “Yesung is not your stalker.”

Han Geng was dumbfounded for awhile. He was too shocked to say anything. This man was not the stalker?

“I’ve been at your place to pick your stalker’s letters yesterday. I’ve send it to a handwriting specialist. He said the letter was written by someone who doesn’t get used to write Chinese characters.”

“So that’s why it’s him. He’s the stalker!” Han Geng argued.

“For your info,” Zhou Mi said, “Yesung can’t speak Chinese let alone writes anything in Chinese characters.

Han Geng was silent for awhile. That’s actually made a sense. Yesung could say simple greeting in Chinese. But he couldn’t say anything in Chinese. He couldn’t write the letters. To be able to write it, he at least had to know how to construct a proper Chinese sentence.

“I’ve checked his background and I’ve asked his manager too. He can’t speak Chinese at all.” Zhou Mi continued.

Han Geng felt dizzy again. No, no, no... He couldn’t understand it. He couldn’t fucking understand this whole thing?! So the stalker wasn’t Yesung?

“You really can’t speak Chinese?” Han Geng asked in Korean.

“Like I care to learn your language.” Yesung replied.

Han Geng felt his knees became weak. He nearly collapsed to the ground if Siwon didn’t catch him. He was confused. He didn’t know what to think anymore. If Yesung was not the stalker, did it mean the stalker was still out there? Did it mean he could still terrorize him?

He’s more scared than before.

“I will stay at your place tonight.” Siwon said.

“No, you can’t do that, Siwon. I will stay at gege’s place tonight.” Zhou Mi said.

“But... I can’t leave him alone like this! He’s scared to death right now! I should be with him.” Siwon argued.

“No, you can’t.” Zhou Mi pulled Han Geng away from Siwon and slung a protective arm on his shoulder. “As I’ve said before, the one wrote the letters is someone that couldn’t write proper Chinese characters.”

“Yes, I know. I could be everyone. I mean, there are a lot of people from this movie that can speak Chinese but can’t write Chinese characters.”

“Including you.” Zhou Mi added.

Siwon raised his eyebrows in surprise. Han Geng had thought about the same thing too. The stalker could be anyone. It could be Siwon too. But it couldn’t be him. Siwon wouldn’t do anything like it to him, would he?

“I’m tired. Just drive home okay?” Han Geng asked.

Zhou Mi was now aware of the tired man in his arms. He was too busy glaring at Siwon at the moment. Han Geng and Zhou Mi went to his car and left the filming location. They didn’t say any word to each other. Han Geng was too tired to speak after all. He was confused, scared, terrified. He didn’t know what to do.

“The agency wants you to have a bodyguard. He will start working tomorrow.”

Han Geng didn’t say anything.

“He will guard you for 24 hours per day. He would sleep on your couch so don’t worry about it.”

Han Geng still didn’t say anything.

“Do you want to eat, ge?” Zhou Mi asked just to break the silence.

“I just want to go home, Mi.” Han Geng replied with his tired voice.

Zhou Mi nodded his head and continued to drive.


Han Geng stared at his mirror for a long time. He stared at his own face, trying to find something that people so crazy about. They said he’s handsome, good looking. But now he was staring at tired man with dark circle under his eyes. They said he had very gentle eyes. But his eyes had lost their light. They became lifeless, empty. His eyes were red from the lack of sleep and he could see the stress written all over his face. He looked so messed up.

‘Why everybody loves you, hyung?’

Yesung’s question rang in his head. Yeah, why did everybody love him? Why did everybody find him interesting? What did he have? What did make him special?

‘Why everybody loves you, hyung?’

Han Geng had spent all night, wide awake to find the answer to that question. Yesung’s question had been bugging him. Yeah, why did everybody love him? What’s good in him? Han Geng couldn’t understand it either.

Han Geng got up from his bed and walked to his mirror. He wanted to get a better view of himself on the mirror. Maybe he would find it, the thing that made everybody went crazy over him. Maybe he would know why the loved him so much.

‘Why everybody loves you, hyung?’

Love, everybody liked to be loved. Han Geng liked it too. He liked the attention he received. He’s not an attention whore but we didn’t enjoy that? He liked to see his fans smiles. He liked to hear his fans screamed his name. He liked the love they gave to him. He liked that. He liked being loved.

‘Why everybody loves you, hyung?’

He still had Zhou Mi. They were friends for a really long time. They loved each other. Zhou Mi cared for him. That’s another reason why Zhou Mi wanted to be Han Geng’s manager at the first place.

There’s still Henry. They hadn’t met for a long time, but they still loved each other. He knew Henry worshipped him so much. He was his idol.

And he liked the attention he received from Siwon. He liked to be loved by that man. He liked to be in his arms. He liked the way Siwon touched him. He liked to be with him. He loved him so much.

‘Why everybody loves you, hyung?’

“Gege, I make breakfast for you.” Zhou Mi peered into Han Geng’s bedroom.

Why everybody loved him?

“Gege, let’s eat. I know it’s not as good as your cooking but you need to eat something.” Zhou Mi was walking to his direction.


“Gege... are you alright?”

Why this love hurt him so much?

Suddenly Han Geng hit the mirror with his bare fist. The glasses shattered into tiny pieces. Zhou Mi rushed to his side immediately while screaming in panic. Han Geng’s hand was bleeding, his blood dripped to the floor. It’s hurt, of course it was. But Han Geng couldn’t feel the pain. He was too confused to feel anything.

“Gege! You’re bleeding!” Zhou Mi shrieked in fear.

Han Geng didn’t say anything. He let Zhou Mi to drag him to the bathroom. Zhou Mi brought his hand under the faucet and cleaned the wound. After that Zhou Mi did his best to tend Han Geng’s wound. He couldn’t stop nagging about Han Geng being so stupid to punch a mirror. Han Geng didn’t listen to him. Like he cared anyway.

“Gege, why are you doing this? You are scaring me!” Zhou Mi said while putting a alcohol to Han Geng’s wounded hand.

Han Geng didn’t say anything.

“What Mr. Wong will say if he knows you hurt your hand? Can you still hold a gun with this hand? You still have a scene with a gun, you know? They will shoot it after you return from your two days break.”

Han Geng kept silent.

“The fans will go crazy if they know you are hurting yourself like this. Geez, ge. What’s wrong with you?”

‘Why everybody loves you, hyung?’

“Siwon will kill me if he knows I let you to do that. Oh God! Henry will definitely kill me!”

“Why everybody loves me, Mi?” Han Geng asked.

Zhou Mi stopped his long ranting and looked at Han Geng, “What do you mean, ge?”

“Why everybody loves me?” Han Geng asked. “This whole thing won’t happen if there’s no insane person who falls in love with me. Life will be easier if there are no fanatic people who love me so much like this.”


“And this love made a man wanted to kill me. They claim me as their Geng. I’m everybody’s Geng. That means I’m theirs. Does it mean I can’t love anyone?”

“Gege, don’t see it like that.”

“I’m tired of this entire thing.” Han Geng closed his eyes. Damn, he wanted to cry so badly. But no, he wouldn’t cry. At least not in front of Zhou Mi.

Suddenly Zhou mi pulled Han Geng into his arms. He hugged the older man and patted his back lovingly. Han Geng could feel the amount of love the other man had for him. He leant closer to Zhou Mi and rested his head on Zhou Mi’s shoulder.

“I hate my life.” Han Geng whispered.

“Don’t hate yourself. It’s not wrong to be loved by a lot of people.” Zhou Mi said.

“But it just leads to another fanatic fan. I’m tired to deal with those stalkers.”

“We can get through this, gege. We will find this stalker.”

“I hope so.”

“You always have me, remember. I will always help you.” Zhou Mi smiled to him.

Han Geng felt himself getting more relaxed. A small crept into his face. He could get through this. He had faced many harder obstacles before. He wouldn’t let this one ruined his hard works. He would find this man. He would find this stalker.

Let’s see who would win this battle.

~Fanatic: To be continue~

A/N: so , for those who still think that Yesung is not the stalker until chapter 5 are right! Yesung off form the suspect list but I can't gurantee you that's he won't hurt oir fav actor. Thanks for reading this. Comments are <3
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