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Fanatic (5/?)

Title : Fanatic (5/?)
Pairing : Siwon/Han Geng
Genre : Mystery
Rating : PG-13 for the theme and some swearing words
Summary : Han Geng had a perfect life. He’s an award winning actor, had a lot of loyal fans, and had a secret relationship with a Korean actor named Choi Siwon. His charm drew a lot of stalker around him. He could handle them just fine until one day, he faced the most fanatic stalker he ever faced
Disclaimer : not mine, never will :/

“So, he sends you these letters and keeps staring at you?”

Han Geng gave Siwon a little nod. He had told everything to Siwon. They were in Han Geng’s apartment right now. Siwon had been very quite. He didn’t say any single word when Han Geng told him about his recent stalker. Siwon just gritted his teeth in anger when Han Geng told him that the stalker’s gaze was scaring him to death.

“Yes, it’s true.” Han Geng said with a long sigh. “How could you say that this stalker is a man? They can be a woman.”

“I don’t know. I just have a feeling that this person is a man. I mean, this stalker is different from your other stalkers, right?” Siwon asked.

“Uh huh. I’ve never got scared by those stalker before. But this one...” Han Geng clutched his elbows. He started to feel nervous when he remembered those prying eyes on him.

“Your other stalkers were women. Maybe this one is a man.” Siwon suggested.

Han Geng nodded his head in silence. Now that he thought about it. He never thought about his stalker’s gender. He kept mentioning the stalker in a neutral gender. If it’s really a male, a non Chinese speaker male to be exact, could it be...

“Do you know who is he?” Siwon asked.

Han Geng’s mind played the image of Yesung watching him from the end of the alley. His eyes looked different. The look on his face was different. He looked different.

“Do you know it?”

No, no, no. It couldn’t be Yesung, could it? He worked together with Yesung. He met him almost every day. He was near him for all the time. The stalker couldn’t be Yesung. It got to be someone else. Someone who didn’t have any relation to this movie.

“Geng... are you alright?” Siwon asked again.

The dream... Could it be a premonition or something? Could this person be the stalker he was afraid of? Yesung was mysterious and creepy, but to think of him as a stalker... Han Geng didn’t know how he should react to this conclusion.

“I’m confused. I don’t know what to do.” Han Geng pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. Damn, he’s so confused with all of these stalking things. He had never got into this condition before. The stalker couldn’t be someone who he met gradually in work!

“Geng... Don’t be afraid.” Siwon reached for Han Geng’s hand and held it tightly.

Han Geng looked into Siwon, tried to find some sort of peace in those dark eyes. Siwon bit his lower lip when he saw Han Geng’s face. He could see the fear in his face. He gave Han Geng’s hand a light squeeze, “Don’t be afraid, Geng. I’m here for you. You can count on me. I will protect you.”

“I don’t want to drag you into this thing. It’s my personal problem.” Han Geng said.

“I want to do it. I will protect you, I promise!” Siwon insisted.

“I can’t let you get hurt for protecting me!” Han Geng yelled at Siwon.

“Who do you think I am, huh? I’m your boyfriend! Of course I will do anything for you!” Siwon yelled back at Han Geng.

Han Geng was stunned by Siwon’s sudden outburst. Siwon never yelled at him before. He always acted patient and understanding when it came to Han Geng’s stubborn decision, well except his smoking habit of course. Siwon was known for his gentle words and well mannered self. It surprised Han Geng to see him like this.

“Listen, Geng. When I say I love you, I really do. I love you, Geng. You are my only love. Okay? I won’t let this man hurt you. I will protect you, you hear me? I will protect you even though you don’t want me to.”

Han Geng stayed silent. He didn’t know what to say.

“You can share everything to me, Geng. It hurt me when you try to hide this thing from me. It hurt me to see you in fear. I’m here for you, remember? You love me, don’t you?”

Han Geng felt Siwon held his hand even tighter.

“Doesn’t our love mean anything to you?”

“I get it. I’m sorry.” Han Geng said.

“You don’t have too.” Siwon gave him a small smile.

They stay in silence for a while. Siwon interlaced their fingers together and smiled. Han Geng himself just smiled at him. He felt a lot relaxed now. Siwon’s words and touch somehow could comfort him. His smile grew wider when Siwon brought his hand to his lips and kiss it. They shared a shy smile for awhile and stared to each other eyes. Then Siwon leant closer to Han Geng as if he tried to kiss him. Han Geng was too tired to object. Plus they were alone in his apartment and it had been a long time since they shared a real kiss, not just a quick peck on lips when no one was watching. Han Geng closed his eyes in anticipation, waiting for Siwon to claim his lips. He could feel Siwon was getting closer and closer and he could feel Siwon’s lips ghosting over his own.

Suddenly Siwon’s phone was ringing so loudly, causing those two men to jump in surprise. Siwon’s face nearly bumped with Han Geng’s face. Siwon cursed softly under his breath (yes, the gentleman Siwon cursed). Han Geng kept his face stoic. Way to kill the mood.

It turned out Leeteuk was looking for Siwon since the end of the filming today. It seemed Siwon didn’t tell Leeteuk that he went to Han Geng’s apartment. Han Geng could hear Leeteuk high pitched rambling over the phone. He felt bad for Siwon. He was lucky Zhou Mi wasn’t brave enough to bombard him like that. It’s an advantage to have a manager younger than you. But maybe it’s just Leeteuk who liked to play a mother to his artist.

“I have to go back, gege. Teukie-hyung will kill me if I don’t show up in his room in...” Siwon looked at his watch, “ten minutes.”

When Siwon wanted to leave his seat, Han Geng quickly grabbed his wrist. Siwon looked at him in confusion. “Stay with me tonight.” Han Geng said.

“But gege... Teukie-hyung is scary. He’s even scarier than my mom.” Siwon said.

“Stay with me tonight, please. Tomorrow is our day off, isn’t it? We don’t have to go the shooting location.” Han Geng pleaded.

“But you have a photo shoot tomorrow.”

“How do you know my schedule?” Han Geng asked in disbelief.

“Teukie-hyung told me about it. He said I can’t be here and disturb you since you are not very well these days.”

“Well, fuck the schedule.” Han Geng kissed the back of Siwon’s hand. “Just stay with me for tonight. It’s been awhile since you are here with me. I need you.”


“Besides, I’m not asking you to have sex with me or something.” Han Geng grinned at him.

“Ah... gege!” Siwon started to blush, causing the older man to laugh.

“I know you are a pervert.” Han Geng chuckled.

Siwon blushed even more. Han Geng couldn’t stop laughing at him. Then their eyes met once again. Han Geng stopped laughing and kept staring at Siwon’s eyes. Then he leant closer to Siwon and kissed the younger man’s lips. Siwon arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him closer to him and deepened the kiss. Han Geng knew he should be worried about his stalker. But right now, he didn’t want to think about it and surrendered to Siwon’s kiss.


Han Geng straightened his jacket when he stepped outside the costume trailer. It started to get colder in the night. He was glad the shooting for today had finished so he could go back to his warm apartment. He was pretty happy for his own performance today. He started to get into the character. The director complemented him for his performance today. He was in a good mood so he thought it would be good to spend his night with Siwon since Zhou Mi was away to do some paper works at the agency.

Han Geng tried to find Siwon in the middle of the crowd but failed. He hadn’t seen the Korean male since they finished shooting their scene together. Han Geng reached for his backpack to grab his phone. When he did that, he spotted Henry standing beside a spotlight. A soft smile crept to his face at the sight of Henry. But a frown quickly formed in his face when he spotted another man with Henry.


Speaking of Yesung, that man didn’t do anything to him these past 3 days. He kept staring at him but he didn’t do anything else. He didn’t send him a letter. Was he aware Han Geng knew something about him? Did he change?

But still Han Geng couldn’t trust this man.

Han Geng didn’t like to see Henry talked with that man. Henry looked enjoying his conversation with Yesung. They were chatting animatedly, completely drown in their own little world. Han Geng could see Yesung smiled at the young boy. Han Geng didn’t like that smile. Who knew what was inside that sick person’s mind? Henry was too innocent to be corrupt by him.

“Henry!” Han Geng called out.

Finally Henry turned his head to Han Geng. He smiled brightly when he saw Han Geng. He waved his hand to Han Geng. Yesung’s face suddenly became emotionless. Han Geng tried to ignore him and walked to Henry.

“Henry, what are you doing here?” Han Geng patted Henry’s head and smiled.

“I was going to take this spot light back and then I met Yesung-ge. We were having such an interesting conversation, weren’t we Yesung-ge?” Henry asked Yesung.

Yesung’s face suddenly lit with joy, “Of course we were! It’s a pity Geng-hyung interrupted our conversation, right Henry-yah?”

“You were not interrupting anything, gege. Ignore Yesung-ge!” Henry denied.

Han Geng forced himself to smile. He’s curious of what those two were talking before he arrived.

“Are you going home, hyung? You have changed your clothes.” Yesung asked.

“Yes, I am. Why don’t you change your clothes and go home as well? It’s getting colder.” Han Geng still managed to keep his smile.

“Cold! Yeah, tonight is god damned cold. I don’t know Beijing could be cold too.” Yesung said. “You know what the good thing to do at a cold night like this? Eat hot pot! I like to eat hot pot with my friend. There’s a delicious restaurant near my apartment in Korea. It’s good, I mean... it’s so fucking delicious! You should try it when you come to Korean again, hyung. It’s good, I recommend it personally to you. That restaurant becomes famous when I tell about it to the media. See, my popularity has helped that little restaurant.

“I get it. I will go there if I go to Korea again.” Han Geng just nodded his head. He, once again, managed to hold his smile.

“You will? Awesome! I can get Kyuhyun to meet with your manager. What’s his name? Zhou Mi?”

“The costume crew would close their trailer in ten minutes. I think you should get hurry or you will go back to your hotel with your costume.” Han Geng pointed to Yesung’ s clothes. Actually it’s just a lie.

“But I like these clothes. I like this jacket, it’s warm.” Yesung said. Han Geng didn’t say anything, he just raised his eyebrows. “But I think I like my clothes better. Bye, Geng-hyung. Bye Henry-yah.”

Han Geng smiled at Yesung while Henry waved his hand. Yesung finally went to the trailer, leaving Han Geng with Henry. He heard Henry let out a heavy sighed. He then looked at the young boy with a confused look.

“He couldn’t stop talking.” Henry said.

“Yes, you are right.” then Han Geng realized one thing. “How could you two talk to each other? Yesung can’t speak Chinese.”

“It seems he can speak English a bit. He has a lot of confidence to speak in English. He’s so different with you.” Henry chuckled.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you can speak Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, and a little Japanese. But English? You are hopeless. Do you hear that?” Henry chuckled.

“One day I will go to Hollywood and you will be impressed with my English.” Han Geng told him.

“Oh, I can’t wait to see that.” Henry said sarcastically.

“Enough with this English thing,” Han Geng cut off, sounding a little bit pissed with Henry, “what were you two talking about?”

“You.” Henry replied while checking the spotlight.

Han Geng gulped, “Me?”

“Yeah. Yesung-ge knows I’m Mimi’s cousin and pretty close to you. So he asked me some questions about you.” Henry said.

“What did he ask?”

“What are you doing in your free time, your favorite place, your favorite food, your favorite song, your favorite color. Something like that.”

Han Geng was quite surprised. Yesung asked about those things to Henry? Ok, that guy was indeed creepier that he thought.

“Your favorite color is black, isn’t it? I told Yesung-ge you like black.” Henry said.

“Did he ask anything else?” Han Geng asked.

“No. He just asked me those questions.” suddenly Henry’s frowned a bit, “Weird... Momo-jie told me Yesung-ge asked her about you too yesterday.”


“Your hairstylist.” Henry replied. “She said Yesung-ge asked her something about your life. She told him to ask me because I’m close to you.”

Han Geng gritted his teeth to hold the urge to curse. Damn, that man was gathering information about him, huh? Han Geng wondered what was on Yesung’s mind right now.

“Gege, what is it between you and Yesung-ge? It seems he has lot of interest in you.” Henry asked.

“He’s just a friend”

“I don’t really like him, ge. He’s quite... creepy?” Henry shrugged.

“I know it, Henry. I know it.”

They didn’t say any single word after that. Henry was busy with his work. Han Geng just stood there looking at nowhere. He kept thinking about what Yesung would do next. That guy was indeed mysterious.

“Hey, Henry,” Han Geng called the young boy, “do you want to have dinner with me tonight? I’ll treat you.”

Henry’s face lit up in joy, “Really, ge?”

“Yes. We haven’t talked after you are back at China.” Han Geng smiled at the now smiling Henry, “I’ll wait for you so you better hurry.”

“Thank you, ge! Just wait for me!”

Han Geng just watched the young boy with a soft smile on his face. He hoped Siwon would forgive for spending times with Henry tonight. He made a mental note to give Siwon a special treatment tomorrow. That man could be very annoying when he was jealous.

Besides, he needed to interrogate Henry.


Han Geng parked his car at the filming location parking lot. He sighed heavily. He started to miss Zhou Mi. He didn’t like to drive to his workplace alone. Zhou Mi was still busy with whatever he did at the agency. Han Geng didn’t know what it was. Zhou Mi didn’t tell him. Han Geng didn’t care about it either. Maybe there’s another project for him.

He straightened his jacket before he left his car. He didn’t like shooting in the middle of night like this. Especially at a dock. The wind was pretty strong here. Han Geng tried to straighten his jacket once again then walked to the filming location.

Then he felt those eyes again.

And he was being followed too.

Han Geng could hear the footsteps not far from here, trying to keep up with Han Geng. From the sound the shoe, Han Geng could tell it’s a man. Han Geng tried to ignore him but it started to annoy him. The constant stare directed at him scared him a bit. It’s dark here.

Han Geng stopped walking. The stalker stopped too.

“I know you are following me.” Han Geng turned his back. “What do you want?”

Han Geng wasn’t surprised when he saw Yesung, “As expected from The Great Han Geng.”

“What do you want, Yesung-sshi? I don’t have a time to play with your sick game.” Han Geng hissed.

Yesung laughed, “Don’t be so afraid, Geng-hyung. I don’t have any bad intention.”

“You have asked people about my personal life, now you are following me. I can’t see you don’t have any bad intention.”

“Yes! I’ve asked a lot people about you because I want to know more about you. It seems everybody likes you a lot, hyung.” Yesung said with a smile.

“What do you want?” Han Geng tried to hide his fear. He didn’t like that smile.

“Hyung,” Yesung took one step closer to him.

Han Geng tried to act calm, “What do you want?”

“I just want to know more about you. Is that wrong?” Yesung was walking closer and closer to him.

“Oi! What are you doing there?”

Han Geng wanted to scream in joy when Siwon walked to him. He managed to keep calm until Siwon arrive. Siwon looked at Han Geng, making sure his loved one wasn’t hurt. Then he glared at Yesung.

“What do you want, hyung? Geng-gege doesn’t want to speak to you.” Siwon was standing in front of Han Geng. He tried to cover his lover from Yesung’s pricing eyes.

“Siwonnie, I just want to know more about Geng-hyung.” Yesung said.

“Leave him alone, hyung. If you do something to him, I promise you will regret it.” Siwon said.

Suddenly Yesung burst to laughter. Han Geng and Siwon stared at each other in confusion. Han Geng didn’t know why Yesung was laughing like that.

“I see, they are right. Everybody likes you, hyung.” Yesung said. “Hmm... I wonder... What’s your relationship with Siwon, hyung? You two seem close.”

“It’s not your business.” Siwon said.

Yesung just smiled, “Bye then. See you!”

Han Geng and Siwon didn’t say anything until Yesung disappeared in the middle of the crowd. Han Geng let out a long sighed. Finally he had gone.

“What did he do to you, ge?” Siwon asked.

“He was following me.”

“That bastard!” Siwon cursed.

“Calm down, Siwon. He didn’t do anything to me.” Han Geng said.

“By the way, where were you going last night? I couldn’t find you.”

“I went to a restaurant with Henry.”

Siwon raised his eyebrows, “Henry? You went out with that kid?”

Han Geng wanted to slap his own face. It’s hard to have such a possessive boyfriend like Siwon. “We were having a dinner together then I drove him to Zhou Mi’s apartment.”

“Gege... He’s a minor!”

“And he’s like a younger brother to me. Stop having a dirty thought about us.” Han Geng walked away from Siwon.

“We haven’t had a dinner together for a long time!” Siwon followed from behind.

“And I haven’t met him for... let’s see... 5 years?” Han Geng pointed out.

“But Geng....” Siwon whined.

“Siwon, calm down. I’m not cheating with him.” Han Geng smiled at him and pushed him to the nearest wall.

“Ge... what are you...”

“There’s nobody here. Nobody will see us.” Han Geng smirked before he kissed Siwon’s lips eagerly. Siwon kissed him back and started to roaming his hands on Han Geng’s back. Han Geng wondered if Siwon had forgiven him or not.

“I’ll treat you dinner after this.” Siwon whispered to his ear. He bit Han Geng’s right ear in the process.

“I can’t. I... ah... have a meeting with Zhou Mi... ah... after this.” Han Geng tried to hold the urge to moan. How could he stay silent if Siwon licked his ear like that? He began to regret his decision to kiss Siwon.

“Cancel it.” Siwon’s lips were now kissing his jaw line.

“I can’t... It’s urgent...”

“I’ll go with you and then we can have a dinner together.” Siwon started kissing his neck.

“I’ll go with Henry.”

Siwon stopped kissing him and looked at him, “Henry?”

“Yeah, Henry. I’ll meet with Zhou Mi in his apartment so Henry will come with me because he lives there.” Han Geng explained.

Siwon was annoyed, Han Geng knew it. Siwon quickly pulled himself from Han Geng. He bowed his head.

“Let’s go back, ge.” Siwon said.

The two of them walked to the filming location in silence. Neither of them said anything. Siwon was too annoyed with Han Geng. Han Geng himself was worried if Siwon had left a mark on his neck or not. He kept touching his neck unconsciously when he arrived. He was glad there’s nothing on his neck when he checked himself on the mirror. He changed his clothes to his clothes for today scene. After that he had a meeting with the director along with Siwon and that creepy Yesung.

Suddenly there’s a loud bang sound from the filming location. Han Geng had to cover his ears because of that sound. It turned out a spot light had blasted due to overheat. The shooting was delayed for awhile. The casts couldn’t help but wait. They just wanted to go home already.
“I don’t want to shoot in this windy night.” Yesung said.

“Nobody wants to, Yesung-sshi.” Han Geng raised his opinion.

“It looked like it’s Henry’s fault.” Siwon added.

Han Geng looked at Henry who was being scolded by his supervisor. He felt bad for that boy. He had worked hard. There’s no need to scold him like that.

“Hey, why are you laughing?” Han Geng asked.

“I’m not laughing.” Siwon tried to deny it.

“You are laughing at him, right?” Han Geng guessed.

“I’m not laughing!”

“You are heartless, Choi Siwon.”

Han Geng turned his back and walked to Henry. He ignored the plead that escaped from Siwon’s mouth. Really, that man could be very childish. Okay, he’s jealous because Han Geng spent his times with Henry. But there’s no need to laugh over that poor boy’s problem.

“Henry, what’s happening?” Han Geng asked Henry when his supervisor had gone.

“I forget to check that spotlight. It’s my fault.” Henry kept his head down.

“Don’t worry, you will work harder, won’t you? Don’t make everybody down.” Han Geng patted Henry’s shoulder.

“Okay. Thanks, ge.” Henry tried to smile at him.

There, again. Someone was staring at him.

Han Geng quickly turned his head to Siwon and Yesung’s place. But there’s just Siwon there. He was talking with one of the casts. Han Geng looked around but he couldn’t find Yesung. Where was he?

“Gege... are you alright?” Henry asked.

“Yeah, I’m alright.” Han Geng looked back at Siwon. That man had gone too, probably to the toilet. “Henry, do you want a cup of coffee? I want to grab some since it’s cold here.”

“No, ge. I still have a lot of things to do. But thanks for offering.”

Han Geng just nodded his head and let the boy went back to his chores. Han Geng himself walked to the warm trailer which provided hot coffee and tea for the casts and crews. He was more than happy when he got his hot coffee. The director joined him and they soon talked about tonight filming.

“When will we shoot the next scene? I want to go home already.” Han Geng asked Mr. Wong.

“After they finish repairing the light.” Mr. Wong said. “Hard day today, Geng?”

“Not the hardest of my life but tiring. I practiced some dance routines and did a photo shoot.”

“It’s been a chaos when we were preparing the set this morning. See those large wooden boxes over there,” Mr. Wong pointed to a large pile of wooden boxes near the costume trailer, “we have to put a lot of things there. It took a lot of time to clean this side.”

Han Geng just nodded his head. It sure looked very heavy. He wondered what was inside those wooden boxes.

Because they hadn’t started filming until he had drank his coffee, Han Geng decided it’s time to get a peaceful smoking time since Zhou Mi was not here and Siwon was nowhere to be seen. Han Geng went back to the costume trailer to retrieve his cigarette pack. He had it inside his jacket pocket. After he found his jacket, he looked for his cigarette. But he found something else inside of his pocket.

It’s another letter.

Han Geng looked around him. After he was sure nobody was watching him, he read the letter in silence.

My shining star, you should shine for me only
Ps: cigarette is not good for your health

Han Geng nearly cursed loudly. This man... How dare he violated his jacket and threw his cigarette pack like that? And this letter... Enough! He would talk to Yesung now. He would end this game! Han Geng walked away outside the trailer in anger. He had to find that man. It looked like his anger was visible on his face. Siwon who wanted to call his name just stared at him in confusion when he saw the older man.

“Geng, why are you so mad?” Siwon asked.

“Where’s Yesung?” Han Geng asked back.

“Geng, calm down! What has happened?”

“I need to meet that sick minded man! I want to end this! I’m sick of him stal-“


Han Geng didn’t know why Siwon was screaming at him. And he didn’t know why he was rushing to him with a scared face. And he still didn’t know what the hell happened when Siwon hit his body with his own that sent both of them to the ground. The loud voice of wooden boxes crashed to the ground made Han Geng realized what had happened.

The large pile of wooden box nearly hit him if Siwon wasn’t there to help him.

“Geng, are you alright?” Siwon asked him.

Han Geng didn’t say anything. He still looked at the broken boxes in front of him. They could hit him. He could get hurt. Hell, he could die if those heavy boxes fell on his body.

“Geng! Geng! Answer me!” Siwon shook Han Geng’s body.

How could this happen? Those boxes couldn’t fall on their own. They were too heavy to get pushed by the wind. So how could that happen?

“Geng! Geng! You are safe. Please answer me! Are you alright?” Siwon stared to panic because Han Geng didn’t give a respond at all.

It just left for a single conclusion. It had to be the only reason why the boxes fell.

“Geng! Oh, God! Geng, are you alright?” Siwon pulled the shocked man into his arms.

Han Geng looked behind the crowd around him. He looked past their shoulders. He ignored the worried looks they gave to him. His eyes were on one single person who was standing right behind the remaining boxes who didn’t fall in the accident.


~Fanatic 5 : to be continued~

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