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Fanatic (4/?)

Title : Fanatic (4/?)
Pairing : Siwon/Hangeng
Genre : Mystery
Rating : PG-13 for the theme and some swearing words
Summary : Hangeng had a perfect life. He’s an award winning actor, had a lot of loyal fans, and had a secret relationship with a Korean actor named Choi Siwon. His charm drew a lot of stalker around him. he could handle them just fine until one day, he faced the most fanatic stalker he ever faced
Disclaimer : not mine, never will :/

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Han Geng couldn’t see anything.

He couldn’t see anything at all. There’s something which tied around his eyes. It was tied pretty tight and it’s hurting him. He couldn’t move his hands and his legs. He was tied to a chair, an uncomfortable one. Han Geng started to panic. He wanted to scream for help but his mouth was gagged.

Where was he?

He tried to free himself but the rope which bound his wrist to the chair was hurting him if he moved. He tried to do anything that could free him. But he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t free himself from this rope. He just couldn’t do anything.

Han Geng felt cold sweat started running down on his face. He was scared. Who didn’t get scared at this condition? He didn’t know how he could wake up to find himself being tied like this. How could this happen? Han Geng didn’t remember anything. He remembered going to sleep and then... Damn! How could this happen?!

“You’re awake?”

Han Geng’s heart beat faster as he heard footsteps coming to him. He knew that voice. There were not many people who talked in Korean to him. And there’s just one sick minded man who he knew would do this kind of thing.

“You can hear me?”

Han Geng wanted to scream at Yesung. But the gag in his mouth prevented him to do that. He heard Yesung laughed at him. And then Yesung opened the bind on Han Geng’s eyes. The sudden amount of light in the room blinded Han Geng for awhile.

“Hey, you can hear me, right?” Yesung tried to get Han Geng’s attention by clapping his hands right beside Han Geng’s ear.

Han Geng glared at the younger man. Yesung didn’t get intimidated by Han Geng’s death glare. Instead he was laughing so hard at him. He seemed to really enjoy seeing Han Geng like that. Then Yesung grabbed Han Geng’s face in his hands. He was smiling.

“You look so cute like that, Geng-hyung. I really want you to look at me like that forever.”

Han Geng wanted to scream at him, just let me go you sick bastrad! But the only sound Han Geng could make was a groan. Han Geng kept groaning in frustration as he tried to free himself so he could hit Yesung’s face. Yesung kept laughing like a maniac.

“It’s useless, you know?” Yesung said with a big grin.

Han Geng stopped struggling. He felt hopeless. Shit, he hated feeling completely hopeless like this. He didn’t like it.

“Are you going to cry, hyung?” Yesung asked.

Han Geng didn’t say anything. He wouldn’t cry in front of this sick man.

“Ah, hold on, hold on! Don’t cry now!” Yesung reached for something from his pocket. He pulled out his cell phone and faced it to Han Geng’s face, “Now you can cry. I will capture every tear you shed with my phone. C’mon, cry. I will take take the photo. I’ll promise it will be good. My camera phone is pretty good, you know.”

Han Geng tried to hold his tears. This man was sick. He’s crazy!

“C’mon, hyung! Cry for me, please...” Yesung asked.

After waiting for almost a minute, Yesung got bored. Han Geng didn’t shed a single tear. He put his phone back to his pocket and glared at Han Geng.

“You are not fun, hyung. You know that?” Yesung said.

Han Geng glared back at Yesung.

“But I like you. You will be mine.” Yesung smiled at him.

Han Geng didn’t like his smile. He glared at him but Yesung ignored him. Instead Yesung’s finger started coming closer to his face. Han Geng didn’t know what Yesung wanted to do. He tried to back off but he couldn’t. So he just watched helplessly as Yesung’s finger came close to his lips, closer and closer.

And touched his upper lip.

“All mine.”


When Han Geng opened his eyes, the first thing Han Geng saw was Yesung’s face. It nearly gave him a heart attack. Then he felt something touching his upper lips. His mind tried to figure out what was happening. And after a second or two, Han Geng let out a loud shriek as he realized what was happening.

“Oi, hyung! Don’t scream that loud. You can give me a heart attack.” Yesung said.

Han Geng wiped his lips with the back of his hand. Oh God, that man really touched his upper lips. And his face when he did that was... Han Geng didn’t know the right word to describe it. That man was indeed weird. He’s sick, twisted minded man!

“Hyung, could you leave Geng-gege alone for now. He needs to take a rest.” Han Geng was too happy when he heard Siwon’s voice.

“But, Siwonnie... I just want to wake him up.” Yesung said.

Siwon slung his arms over Han Geng’s tensed shoulder, “Go now, hyung. He doesn’t need you.”

There’s something in Siwon’s voice. Siwon just hugged Han Geng more tightly when Yesung didn’t go away. Han Geng sighed. Siwon started acting possessive over him again.

“Um... Okay. See you later, Geng-hyung. I’m looking forward to shoot our scene together.” Yesung said with a smile and then he went.

Han Geng sighed again. It looked like Yesung didn’t find it weird for Siwon to hug him. He had hugged Han Geng before. Maybe it’s normal for Korean people to hug each other? Korean culture was weird.

“Did I fall asleep?” Han Geng asked.

“Yes, gege. You fell asleep after you shot your scene with Victoria.” Siwon said.

He looked around. They were shooting their next scene in this small shopping district. They had finished filming their airport scenes yesterday. Han Geng rubbed his temple. Yes, he remembered going to sit in this cafe after he finished shooting his scene. The other side of the cafe was used to shoot Siwon and Yesung’s scene. He decided to wait here for their next scene. He didn’t know he would fall asleep in this noisy place.

And he remembered his dream clearly.

“Are you tired, gege? It’s rare for you to sleep in the shooting location.” Siwon took a seat beside Han Geng.

“I read the scenario last night. Guess I didn’t get enough sleep.” Han Geng said.

“Really? Yah, you should get enough sleep. We don’t want you to get sick. Don’t overworking yourself, gege.” Siwon held Han Geng’s hand and gave it a light squeeze.

Han Geng was so touched by Siwon’s words, “I know. Thank you.”

“You’ve been acting quite odd these days. And you don’t look too good. What’s wrong, ge? Is something bothering you?” Siwon asked.

Han Geng gulped. He started to act nervous.

“And you were groaning when you slept before, gege. Your face looked so tensed. Were you having a nightmare? I tried to wake you. Thanks God Yesung-hyung could wake you. You were scaring me, you know. ”

Nightmare? Of course being tied up by a creepy Yesung counted as a nightmare.

“Geng... tell me please. What’s wrong with you?” Siwon asked.

Han Geng scratched his nose nervously.

“Geng, is there something scaring you? You said that you were scared before.” Siwon guessed.

“Are you close to Yesung? You two seem pretty close.” Han Geng asked.

Siwon raised his eyebrows in confusion, “What... Ah... No, no, I’m not cheating with him!”

“I’m not saying that you are cheating with him. I just... He likes to hanging with you than the rest of the cast.”

“Well, he also played at my serial drama. He’s quite good at acting despite his odd behavior. But he is focused in singing than acting. This is his first movie.”

“So... He’s really... weird? I mean, he touched my lips!”

Siwon chuckled, “Don’t get offended. Just ignore him, gege. He likes to touch other people’s lips.”

“Is he dangerous?”

Siwon raised his eyebrows once again, “What do you mean?”

Han Geng sighed, “Don’t laugh at me, okay? I am a little bit afraid of him.”

Siwon didn’t laugh at him. He, once again, turned on his possessive boyfriend mode, “Did he do something to you? Did he hurt you? Damn, I know I shouldn’t trust him. Do you want me to talk to him?”

“No, Siwon. You get me wrong.” Han Geng tried to calm his frantic lover. “It’s just... I don’t know... I get a feeling I can’t trust him.”

“Believe me, Geng. You should not believe in Yesung-hyung. He has a very twisted mind.” Siwon said. “He liked to be in the spot light. He liked to be looked at. He’s weird. Trust me.”

Han Geng just nodded his head, “I dream he tied me up and kept me as his prisoner.”

“I won’t be surprised if he really does that to you.”

Han Geng was surprised by Siwon’s words. He was hoping Siwon was just joking. But the younger man looked so serious. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t smile. He just looked right to Han Geng’s eyes. It made Han Geng’s body shuddered a bit.

“Siwon-sshi, they will start shooting your scene.” one of the Korean staff, came to Siwon.

Siwon stop staring at Han Geng and nodded to the staff. Then he got up and went back to the shooting location. Han Geng slumped back to his chair and closed his eyes. This thing started getting more and more complicated.


Han Geng took a glance at Yesung from behind his scenario. That man was talking with the Korean staff cheerfully. And to his surprise, they were laughing together. It looked like they were having a pretty interesting conversation. Han Geng couldn’t hear it from where he sat. Han Geng kept his eyes on Yesung. That man looked harmless to him.

Han Geng shook his head. No, looks could deceive. Especially with this man. Yesung may look harmless but who knew he wasn’t dangerous? He was weird and creepy. But could he cause any harm to Han Geng? Siwon said that he shouldn’t trust that man, right?

Suddenly Yesung turned his head to Han Geng. Han Geng blinked his eyes when their eyes met. Yesung smiled to him and waved his hand. Han Geng did same and forced his face to form a smile. He was glad when Yesung continued his conversation with the staff. This man was unpredictable.

“Geng-gege, are you ready to go home now? You don’t have to be here since your have done your scene for today.” Zhou Mi asked.

“The chasing scene?” Han Geng asked.

“We will do it tomorrow. They still have to shoot Siwon and Yesung scene.”

Han Geng nodded his head. His eyes never left Yesung.

“You still have schedule for tonight. Dance practice at seven. I’ll pick you after I finish some paperwork. Is that clear, ge?”

“Um.” Yesung was now talking to the director with the help of Siwon as the translator.

“Oh, yeah, I forget to tell you. You have a performance next week. I’ve checked your shooting schedule, so don’t worry about your movie. So, practice hard. It’s been awhile since you dance.”

Han Geng didn’t say anything. He’s still busy watching Yesung, Siwon, and the director. Zhou Mi finally realized his actor didn’t pay any attention to him. Then he looked at those three and sighed.

“Don’t think of Siwon driving you, ge. He still have scene to shoot. And I’ve talked to Leeteuk-ge, you two can’t meet tonight so there’s no sex for either of you. You have to get up early tomorrow.” Zhou Mi said.

“I’m not looking at Siwon.” Han Geng said. He didn’t like it when Zhou Mi brought up his love life.

“Ah, that Yesung?” Zhou Mi made a random guess. A smile suddenly crept to his face, “You know, ge? He can sing too! I like his voice. He sang to me when you were sleeping earlier. Damn, he’s good! And you know, he is a friend of Cho Kyuhyun! He promises that he will get his autograph for me! Isn’t he nice, gege?”

“I don’t like him, Mi.” Han Geng admitted.

Zhou Mi looked at him in confusion, “Why? He’s quite nice.”

Han Geng rolled his eyes. This man was nice to Zhou Mi? Han Geng sighed. Okay, there’s no one bad in Zhou Mi’s eyes.

“What? Okay, he’s weird but he’s nice too. Eccentric, if you want to know my opinion.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t want to hear your opinion.” Han Geng got up from his seat and walked away.

“Gege, why are you like this? You’ve been acting weird.” Zhou Mi tried to catch up with Han Geng’s steps.

Han Geng didn’t say anything. He continued to walk.

“Gege, what’s wrong? Tell me!” Zhou Mi insisted.

Han Geng kept walking and ignored him. Suddenly Zhou Mi grabbed his arm. Han Geng stopped and looked at Zhou Mi. The younger man was glaring at him.

“Gege, I respect your privacy. But as your manager, you have to tell me what’s bothering you. It can affect your performance and I can’t let it happen to you.” Zhou Mi said.

Han Geng bit his lower lip. He didn’t know what to say.

“Is it a stalker again, gege?” Zhou Mi guessed.

“I’ve felt someone is watching me.” Han Geng admitted.

Zhou Mi’s eyes widened in surprise, “It’s a stalker, isn’t it? Who is it?”

“I don’t know. I just... I can feel it. Someone is watching me.”

“Did they do something to you? Besides staring at you, of course.”

“They sent me letters.”

“Can I see them, gege?”

“I have them in my apartment.”

Zhou Mi reached for his phone, “I will get you a bodyguard.”

“No.” Han Geng pleaded. “No bodyguard.”

“But, gege. It could be dangerous for you. I can’t be around you for all the time.”

“They won’t attack me or something.” then Han Geng remembered his dream earlier. He remembered being tied and helpless. He shook his head to make that image disappear from his head.

“There’s no one who can guarantee that.” Zhou Mi said.

“I’m sure I can take it alone. I almost get them. I will find them. You just wait okay? Don’t tell anybody about this.”

With that, Han Geng walked to Zhou Mi’s car without saying anything to Zhou Mi. Zhou Mi just sighed and got to the car. He swore he would find this stalker no matter what.


Could it be Yesung?

Han Geng kept asking himself about this question. He’s weird and creepy, but was he the stalker that sending him those two letters? Han Geng was pretty sure Yesung was capable to do that kind of thing. But to stalking him? Han Geng couldn’t believe it.

Han Geng always felt someone was watching when he was in the set. He didn’t feel when he went back to his home. He didn’t feel it at the dance studio. And he didn’t feel it when he’s home. He just felt it when he was shooting the film. Whoever sent these letters must be someone related to the movie. And they couldn’t write properly in Chinese. Could it be Yesung?

“Gege, you are frowning again.” Siwon said beside him.

Han Geng didn’t know he was frowning. Siwon had continuously told him about that since they met today. Han Geng just gave him a small smile to cover it up.

“Is there something that bothering you?”

Han Geng rolled his eyes. That question had been Siwon’s favorite question now.

“Zhou Mi wants me to have a bodyguard.” Han Geng said.

“Bodyguard? Did someone do something bad to you?” Siwon asked.

“Not yet and never.” Han Geng claimed. Then he looked at Siwon and smiled slyly at him, “Why do I need a bodyguard when I have you?”

“I’m your boyfriend not your bodyguard.”

“Can’t see the difference.”

Siwon chuckled lightly, “Of course I will protect you, gege. I won’t let anybody hurt you.”

Han Geng smiled at Siwon. He didn’t want a bodyguard because he didn’t like being watched by a stranger. Besides he wouldn’t tell when the stalker watched him when he had another pair of eyes watching him.

“Don’t you feel cold, gege? It’s quite cold this evening, huh?” Siwon said while rubbing his hands together.

“It’s been cold since this morning, Siwon.”

“Want to share our body heat?”

Han Geng looked at Siwon in disbelief. Before he could say anything, Siwon wrapped his arms around Han Geng’s waist and pulled the other man closer to him. This action, of course, surprised him a lot. Everybody stared at them. Some of the random people who looked at the shooting location were screaming at the cute sight. He could see some random fangirls were taking their pictures while giggling like a maniac. He started to blush.

“Sssi... Siwon!” Han Geng tried to free himself from Siwon but failed.

“Smile to the camera, gege. They like seeing us like this.” Siwon whispered to Han Geng’s ear.

“But... Don’t they find it odd for two grownup men like us cuddling?” Han Geng tried to be relaxed but he failed doing that too.

“Those fangirls will approve us. Trust me.” Siwon winked to Han Geng.

If he was not in the public area, Han Geng would definitely kiss him. Han Geng kept acting bothered while he was enjoying this secretly.

Then he felt it. Someone was staring at them. The stalker. Han Geng could tell it by their icy glare. Han Geng could felt the hatred, the jealousy. Han Geng’s body became tensed in Siwon’s arms and his eyes widened a bit.

“Geng, what’s wrong?” Siwon asked.

Han Geng looked around, ignoring Siwon completely. Then he spot him, Yesung. He was standing not far from them. He was looking at their direction.

“Um... gege... hello...”

Han Geng turned his head to find Henry standing beside him and Siwon. He was holding a cup of steaming hot coffee. His face was red. Han Geng didn’t know why that boy was blushing like that.

“I bring you coffee.” Henry said while bowing his head.

Han Geng quickly hit Siwon’s stomach with his elbow to make him released him from his arms. Then he looked at Henry and smiled.

“Thank you.” Han Geng said while accepting the coffee.

“Um... The director said we will start filming the chasing scene soon. So be ready. Um... Bye, Geng-gege.” Henry said.

Han Geng just waved his hands when Henry went. He felt embarrassed. Actually, he didn’t want Henry to see them cuddling like that. He didn’t want to corrupt Henry’s innocent mind.

“Aiya, that kid didn’t bring me coffee, huh?” Siwon asked.

“Here, drink mine.” Han Geng offered his coffee to Siwon.

“Really, gege? Yah! Thank you!” Siwon drank Han Geng’s coffee with a big grin. “Undirected kiss, huh? When can I kiss you, gege? It’s been awhile since the last time I kiss you.”

“Cut it off, pervert. Your God won’t forgive you if you have a dirty thought when you are working.”

“You don’t believe in God.” Siwon continued.

“Yeah, but I can act like one.” Han Geng took his coffee back and drank it.

They were back with the crews. The director told them about the scene they would shoot now. So, this scene was about Yesung and Siwon chasing Han Geng down to the alley. The director showed them where would they go and how they would shoot. Han Geng just needed to walk casually and act like there’s nothing wrong while Siwon and Yesung would run behind him and tried to find him.

“You need to stay acting cocky and keep that mischievous smile, okay?” Mr. Wong patted Han Geng’s shoulder.

“No problem, sir.” Han Geng nodded his head.

“Okay, we will shot your scene first and then we will do Siwon and Yesung.”

Everybody was going to their position. Han Geng took a deep breath. He just needed to walk and acting arrogant. The camera would follow him and took his movement and his expression from different angles. It’s easy. He was glad his character didn’t have a lot of lines. But when he talked, his line was pretty long and hard to be remembered.

“Good luck, gege. Fighting!” Siwon patted his shoulder.

“Hyung, fighting.” Yesung added with a big grin.

Han Geng just smiled to them. He then nodded his head and walked to his position. The cameras were stand by on their positions. He waited for the director to start the filming. Han Geng took another deep breath and closed his eyes.


Han Geng opened his eyes immediately and started to act as Lai Wei, the genius criminal mastermind. There gone the nice Han Geng. His smile was not gentle but mysterious. His eyes were not soft anymore. His eyes were cold and piercing. He just walked casually but people could tell it that he was not an ordinary man. There’s something in the way he walked that screamed “don’t mess up with me” but it could drew people’s attention as well. He’s indeed one of the best actors in China.

Han Geng kept walking and ignored the camera. He was drowning in his own character. Sometimes he smiled because he knew those two Korean detective were behind him. They wouldn’t get him. So that’s why he kept smiling like that.

Then his smiled froze.

Han Geng stopped walking immediately. His eyes widened a bit as he felt his whole body shuddered. He could feel it again. Those eyes were watching.

“Cut! Cut!” the director roared from his seat.

Everybody went back to his original position. But Han Geng didn’t move from where he was. He just stood there, his heart beat faster. He could feel it, those eyes were watching him. Those prying eyes were on him.

“Geng, why do you stop?” Mr. Wong asked him.

Han Geng looked at the end of the alley. Yesung was there.

“I’m sorry.” Han Geng said.

“Are you okay? You don’t look pretty good.”

“I’m okay. I’m sorry.”

Mr. Wong sighed, “Let’s do this from the start.”

Han Geng looked back at the end of the alley. Yesung had gone. Han Geng didn’t know where he was nor that did he care about it either. He just hoped that man would go. Then he went back to his original position and did the take once again. He tried his best to stay calm. He was glad the he could finish filming his scene. After that he went back to his chair and groaned softly. He didn’t like it at all. That Yesung guy was indeed mysterious. He really hated that guy.

“Gege, what’s wrong with you? Why did you stop?” Siwon asked him.

“Nothing.” Han Geng lied.


“Can you pass me my bag? It’s over there.” Han Geng pointed to his bag.

Siwon picked his bag, “What do you want to do? You’re not gong home, are you?”

“I need my cigarette.” Han Geng said. He slapped his face when Siwon glared at him. He forgot Siwon was an extremist when it came to Han Geng’s smoking habit.

“Geng, I’ve told you...”

“Yes, yes! I know! But I need my damn cigarette!” Han Geng snapped at him. He then took a deep breath to calm his nerves, “Just pass my bag. I will smoke somewhere else.”

“No, you won’t inhale that nicotine, Geng.” Siwon opened his bag and began searching for his cigarette.

“Siwon... Listen... Stay away from my bag. Don’t do that!”

“No, Geng. You should stop smoking.” Siwon still looked for Han Geng’s cigarette pack.

“But Siwon...”

Siwon eyes were suddenly wide in confusion. He pulled out a paper from his bag and read what was written on it. Then he looked back to Han Geng in disbelief.

“Geng... what is this?” Siwon asked.

Han Geng quickly snatched the paper from Siwon’s hand.

Remember, you can’t be monopolized. You are everyone’s Geng.

~Fanatic : To be continued~

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