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Fanatic (3/?)

Title : Fanatic (3/?)
Pairing : Siwon/Hangeng
Genre : Mystery
Rating : PG 13
Summary : Hangeng had a perfect life. He’s an award winning actor, had a lot of loyal fans, and had a secret relationship with a Korean actor named Choi Siwon. His charm drew a lot of stalker around him. he could handle them just fine until one day, he faced the most fanatic stalker he ever faced
Disclaimer : not mine, never will :/

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A/N : I planned to write 10 chapters for this fic. But it looks like it will be longer but certainly not shorter than 10 chapters. So the question marks pops up again


Han Geng looked at the white plain paper on his hands.

He couldn’t stop thinking about this letter. He was clever enough to hide it from Siwon after the younger man drove him to his apartment. He was frantic about Han Geng’s condition. He insisted to stay at Han Geng’s apartment but Han Geng managed to shoo the Korean male away from his room because he needed a time alone.

When he was finally alone, Han Geng looked at the letter to have a better look at it. He couldn’t do it in with Siwon in his apartment. He didn’t want to make the younger man worried about him. It’s his personal issue. He didn’t want to drag Siwon into it.

After spending three minutes just staring at it, Han Geng had made some mental notes regarding this peculiar letter. One, it used Chinese. Two, it’s written in bad Chinese characters. Three, the paper was torn from a notebook.

Okay, who did write a letter in Chinese but didn’t write it in proper Chinese characters? Did it mean whoever sent him this letter couldn’t write in Chinese characters or at least still learning to write them? So did it mean the stalker was not a Chinese? A Korean perhaps? He was surrounded by a lot of Koreans last night. This movie was a joint production with a Korean production house after all. So who was it? An actress or an actor? A crew? Or maybe a reporter?

Han Geng tossed the letter into the trash bin. He then laid his body on the bed and closed his eye. Han Geng felt his body shuddered a little. Whoever this person was, Han Geng had to take them seriously. They started to scare him. Han Gen could still feel their gaze on him. It’s scary.

Han Geng sighed heavily. No, he shouldn’t get bothered by this crazy stalker. It’s just another stalker. He could get through it. Besides, he still had his movie to worry about. Zhou Mi would scold him if he didn’t act seriously for this movie and he still had to hold his reputation as an actor.

Han Geng sighed again. He had a feeling that something bad would happen soon.


“Gege, are you alright? You’ve been dozing off since we arrive.”

Han Geng turned his head to Zhou Mi, a frown was on his usually smiling face. Han Geng put down his scenario and smiled at him, “I’m okay.”

“Is there something bothering you, Ge? What’s on your mind?”

“I’ve told you, I’m okay.”

“Don’t lie to me, Gege. You can fool everyone but you can’t fool me. We’ve been friends for almost fifteen years. Of course I know you.” Zhou Mi looked at him with a worried look.

Han Geng felt bad for doing this to Zhou Mi, for hiding his problem from Zhou Mi. But no, he couldn’t drag Zhou Mi into this too. Maybe it’s just him being paranoid over this small stalker thing. Maybe the stalker would go soon and wouldn’t come back.

“I’m okay, Mi. Trust me.” Han Geng patted Zhou Mi’s shoulder and smiled.

Zhou Mi didn’t look very happy with his answer. But he just smiled at Han Geng, “Okay. But promise me that you will tell me if you can’t handle it, okay?”

Han Geng’s smile grew wider. He was touched by Zhou Mi’s words. Seeing his lovely Gege smiled, Zhou Mi’s face suddenly broke into his usual grin. Han Geng just chuckled lightly at him and suddenly the two of them were laughing. Han Geng didn’t know why he was laughing.

“Umm... Am I interrupting something?”

The two of them turned their heads to Henry. Han Geng didn’t know since when that kid stood there. Zhou Mi’s face lit up in joy when he saw his little cousin. Then he approached the youngest among them and pinched his chubby cheeks.

“Henry! It’s good to see you here!” Zhou Mi said with a little too cheerful tone.

“Mimi! Stop pinching my cheeks! It hurts!” Henry protested.

Zhou Mi released Henry from his death grip and pouted slightly at his cousin. Henry, in the other hand, was frowning at Zhou Mi. But with his slanted eyes and puffy cheeks, Henry looked cute rather than intimidating. Han Geng just chuckled.

“Gege, Henry doesn’t like me anymore.” Zhou Mi whined.

It just made Han Geng laughed harder. Zhou Mi just pouted. Henry? He stared at two older men with a confused look. Oh my, he looked so cute like that, Han Geng decided.

“How’s your first day here, Henry?” Han Geng asked, ignoring the slight visible pout in Zhou Mi’s face.

“I’m doing fine.” Henry smiled proudly. “It’s hard, of course it is. But I have done it before. My friends and I worked at a small production house in Canada. But this one is different. We have made some movies but never this big.”

“I’ve told you this is different with that. It’s an international scale production. We get a lot of famous casts and a famous director.” Zhou Mi said.

“But I really want to do it! I don’t want to spend my holiday without doing anything.” Henry insisted. He puffed his cheek which made him looked like a hamster. Really, he’s so cute.

“Don’t listen to him, Henry.” Han Geng interrupted them.

“See, Geng-gege is on my side.” Henry said.

“Gege, what about me? Do you want to abandon me since you have Henry right now?” Zhou Mi pouted at him again.

“No, I won’t, Mimi.” Han Geng smiled at him. “Henry won’t make a good slave like you.”

Han Geng didn’t know why Zhou Mi was happy with his statement.

“What brings you here, Henry? Why you don’t hang around with your lighting friends?” Zhou Mi asked.

“Your costume is ready, Geng-gege. They sent me to tell you this.” Henry said.

“And they couldn’t send their own men but sending a lighting crew like you?” Zhou Mi shook his head in disapprovement. “Xian Hua... what have you done to the stylist-jie?”

“The stylist-jie sent me here because she couldn’t resist my request.” Henry announced proudly with a smile.

“Umm, I enjoy your little fighting here,” Han Geng interrupted once again, “but I must get ready to shoot my scene today.”

Zhou Mi and Henry made an ‘oh’ sounded. Han Geng got up from his chair and walked to the costume trailer. He asked Henry to go with him because Henry wanted to go back to work. Zhou Mi in the other hand whined at Han Geng. Han Geng started to doubt Zhou Mi’s capability as a manager since he was the one who did all the whining parts.

“It’s been awhile, isn’t it?” Han Geng asked.

“Yes, it is.”

The two of them walked in silence for a moment. Han Geng’s eyes wandered to the busy crew who were preparing the set. They were shooting in Beijing Airport right now. Of course there were a lot of people here, it’s a public place after all.

“You have grown up, huh. You used to be so small.” Han Geng continued.

“I’m a growing child. One day I will be taller than you and Mimi and let’s see who will laugh in the end.”

“But I will still have the longest legs.” Han Geng added.

“I don’t need long legs. I don’t want to join a boyband or something.” Henry pointed out. Han Geng just nodded his head. Good point. “I want to be a movie producer. One day, you will play in my movie.”

“I thought you want to be an actor. You used to worship me a lot, didn’t you?”

“I’ve change my mind. Acting is not for me. I will produce a lot of big hit movies and work with a lot of famous director.” Henry said. His eyes were full of determination.

Han Geng just smiled at him. Henry had changed. He’s not a little kid anymore. He had grown up. But he’s still as cute as a hamster.

“And I still worship you, Gege.” Henry added while smiling brightly at him. He’s really cute.

“Oh God, Henry. I really love you.” Han Geng ruffled Henry’s hair playfully ignoring the protest he gained from the boy.

Han Geng’s body suddenly became tensed and his smile froze. Henry looked at him with a confused look.

There. Someone was watching him.

Han Geng looked around. He was outside the airport, the costume trailer was not far away from here. There were a lot of people here. There were a random people who walked pass him, the movie crew, some random fangirls who were whispering and taking his photos. But he couldn’t find someone suspicious there.

Who’s that?

“Gege, are you alright?” Henry asked.

Han Geng looked at Henry and forced himself to smile, “I’m alright.”

“You don’t look well.” Henry added.

Han Geng shook his head. Really, was his fear visible on his face?


“Geng... are you alright?”

Suddenly there’s an arm on his shoulder. This arm was too big and strong to be Henry’s. There’s just one person who Han Geng knew had this arm.

“I’m alright, Siwon.” Han Geng said.

Siwon didn’t look too happy to see Han Geng liked this. Han Geng’s body was too tensed for Siwon’s liking. Han Geng tried to make sure to Siwon that he’s okay. But Siwon didn’t want to hear him.

“Let’s go to the trailer and have a seat. You don’t look too good.” Siwon said.

“Okay. Bye, Henry.” Han Geng waved his hand to Henry.

“Get well soon, Gege.” Henry smiled and walked away.

It looked like Siwon wanted to ask something about Henry. But it seemed he would hold his question until Han Geng could sit down. Han Geng still could feel the gaze somehow, the gaze that scared him. He reached for Siwon’s hand unconsciously. Siwon was confused but he let Han Geng to clutch his hand. They ignored to screaming fangirls who saw them holding hands.

They walked together to the trailer and met with the stylist. Siwon explained to the costume crews that Han Geng was not feeling well so maybe they could let him to take a rest. They agreed to Siwon’s request and let Han Geng rest for awhile. Soon Han Geng and Siwon were left alone in the corner while they were busy preparing for the other casts’ costumes.

“What’s wrong with you, Geng?” Siwon asked.

Han Geng didn’t say anything. He just leant to Siwon’s chest and closed his eyes.

“Geng... we can’t do this here.” Siwon said.

“I’m scared.” Han Geng admitted.

“Why are you scared?” Siwon stroked Han Geng’s hair.

“At least I have you.” Han Geng muttered.

Siwon didn’t understand why Han Geng suddenly became like this. He just patted Han Geng’s shoulder and smiled.

“You always have me, Geng. You know I’m yours. You are mine. We have each other.” Siwon whispered to Han Geng’s ears.

Han Geng felt relaxed by Siwon’s gentle touch. The other man’s heartbeat somehow could relax him. Siwon just stroked his hair in silence. They completely ignored the busy stylists. They seemed to ignore those two too. Han Geng took a deep breath to calm his nerve. He shouldn’t be a coward like this. He should face this stalker no matter what. He wouldn’t lose to them. He would find the truth.

He would find them.


“And cut!”

Han Geng sighed and clapped his hands. Finally his scene was finished after three takes. It wasn’t a major scene. He just needed to sit at airport bench, pretending to read a newspaper, waiting for his a triad to come and sat beside him. It’s just a minor scene where he received the payment for his service for the triad. But he found it quite hard to maintain the easy going but psycho character for his role. That’s why they had to retake it until he got the feeling.

“As expected from a famous actor.” Siwon said when Han Geng sat on his chair. He handed him a bottle of water while he had his coke.

“I still can’t get the feeling.” Han Geng reminded him.

“But you really look like a psychotic criminal when you laughed back then. It’s creepy.” Siwon added.

Han Geng just smiled at him. Then he looked around him.

“What is it, Gege?” Siwon asked.


Han Geng still felt those eyes on him. They’re still watching him.

“That boy, he’s quite a hardworker, huh.” Siwon pointed to Henry.

Han Geng’s eyes softened at the sight of Henry working so hard with his fellow lighting crew. He looked so absorbed in his job. He’s working really hard. A small smile crept to his face. Henry really had grown up.

“Who’s that boy?” Siwon asked.

“He’s Zhou Mi’s cousin. I’ve known since he’s still a little kid.” Han Geng said. “He used to follow me when he visited Mimi’s home. He was very cute. He’s still cute until now.”

Siwon nodded his head in agreement.

“He adored me so much when he was a little kid. Said that I was like his hero and I was the coolest gege he ever had. Mimi was quite hurt when he told me that.” Han Geng laughed at the memory of seven years old Zhou Mi fighting so hard to gain little Henry’s attention. “He still adores me until now. He says he wants to be a movie producer. He wants me to be play in a movie he produces. Isn’t he sweet?”

Han Geng was busy staring at Henry and he ignored the slightly annoyed look in Siwon’s face.

“Isn’t he cute, Siwon?”


“He is, isn’t he?” Han Geng added with a big grin.

“Gege, stop it.” Siwon cut off Han Geng’s words.

Han Geng finally realized the annoyed frown on Siwon’s face. He stared at his boyfriend with a confused look. Suddenly he burst into laughter when he realized why the younger man was frowning like that.

“What? Are you jealous?” Han Geng asked.

“I’m not jealous.” Siwon denied with a redened cheeks.

“You are jealous!” Han Geng exclaimed while laughing. It made Siwon blushed even harder. “I can’t believe it. You, Choi Siwon, are jealous over Henry?” Han Geng hit Siwon’s shoulder playfully.

“But Gege...”

“Henry is a minor, Siwon. It’s a crime to desire him.” Han Geng laughed until his stomach hurt. “Henry is like a little brother to me. I won’t have any dirty thought about my little brother. It’s not healthy.”

“Gege... Stop it!” Siwon groaned in frustration.

“Really, you are-“

Han Geng didn’t finish his words. He felt those eyes again. That pair of eyes, staring at him. They were near. Han Geng turned his head and found no one’s there beside Henry who was busy with his clipboard. Han Geng was sure the stalker was there.

“Gege... Geng... are you alright? You start to scare me.” Siwon asked.

Han Geng looked around him to find the stalker. Damn, he almost got them! Han Geng kept looking around him to find them. They could be anywhere. He looked around and forced himself to look more carefully. He knew they were close to him. He knew it! Somewhere, they could be somewhere near him like-

Right in front of him.

“Yah! Hyung, you nearly give me a heart attack!” Yesung yelped in surprised.

Han Geng nearly screamed when his face was barely an inch from Yesung’s face. He wasn’t aware of that man’s presence nor did he know since when Yesung had been standing behind him. Han Geng stroked his chest to calm his racing heart. Really, should he pop up randomly like that?

“Are you alright, hyung? You don’t look good. Want a glass of water?” Yesung asked. “No, no, water’s here is not good. You get me? You have to believe me. It’s not good at all. It has that... um... weird taste. Yeah, really weird. It could make your stomach hurt in the morning. No water for you then.”

Han Geng rubbed his temple to calm his nerve. He made another mental note regarding Yesung and his mental state. Just ignore whatever Yesung told him for the sake of his own insanity.

“I’m okay, Yesung-ah. There’s no need to worry about me.” Han Geng smiled at him.

“No problem at all.” Yesung hit Han Geng’s shoulder with a big grin on his face. “Listen Geng-hyung, you were like totally awesome when you were acting as a crazy criminal mastermind just then. Oh God, I know Lai Wei’s character would suit you just fine.”

Han Geng once again found himself in another series of nodding heads in order to save him from Yesung unstoppable chatbox. He smiled here and there, and made an ‘o’ sound in the right place. He’s not just good at acting in the screen, he’s quite good at ducking a conversation too.

“Can you give me a hug?”

Han Geng raised his eyebrows, “Excuse me?”

“Ah God, I totally have to hug you.” Yesung pulled him into his arms and hugged him.

Han Geng didn’t know what this was all about. He hugged him back in confusion. He took a glance at Siwon and asked him to help him. Siwon didn’t look quite amused as well.

“What?! Are you trying to kill Geng-gege?!” Zhou Mi shrieked in his high pitched voice.

Han Geng was being pulled away from Yesung by Zhou Mi death grip. Zhou Mi then continued to bombard Yesung in rapid fire Chinese which, of course, Yesung didn’t understand it at all. After Han Geng told him about Yesung’s Chinese ability, Zhou Mi groaned in frustration.

“Don’t mind him. He’s my manager. He’s quite protective over me so that’s why.” Han Geng said.

“Siwon, tell him that I don’t like him manhandling my Geng.” Zhou Mi asked Siwon.

“Your Geng? The last time I checked, he’s everyone’s Geng.” Siwon said.

Han Geng rolled his eyes and slapped his own face. Why he was surrounded by possessive people like Siwon and Zhou Mi?

“Hyung, what did they say?” Yesung poked Han Geng’s waist. Yes, he had just poked Han Geng’s waist.

“He said that they are stupid.” Han Geng said.

“I didn’t say that!” Zhou Mi protested. Han Geng forgot Zhou Mi knew the word ‘stupid’ in Korean.

“Stop acting like a child, Mimi. Geez, are you really my manager?” Han Geng groaned.

“I’m your friend, remember?” Zhou Mi said with a big shining grin. Han Geng rolled his eyes again.

“You two are friends, hyung?” Yesung asked Han Geng.

“He’s my annoying childhood friend who turns up to be my manager.” Han Geng explained.

“Having a childhood friend as a manager,” Yesung looked at Han Geng with an unreadable stare, “I really envy you, hyung.”

Han Geng felt something odd with his look. It began to creep him out.

“You two seem so close.” Yesung continued.

Han Geng nodded in head nervously. What’s wrong with this man?

“I’ll go to the toilet since it’s clear you don’t want me here, Gege.”

Han Geng jumped a little at Siwon’s voice. He almost forgot about Siwon’s presence because of Yesung and Zhou Mi. Han Geng smiled apologetically at Siwon before he left the group. Yesung then left Han Geng alone with Zhou Mi and Zhou Mi began to talk about Han Geng’s act today. Han Geng didn’t pay too much attention at him. His mind kept wandering to the prying eyes on him just a moment ago. He was sure he almost got them.

Who’s that?

“Mi, where’s my cigarette?” Han Geng asked.

Zhou Mi gave him a disapproving look, “Gege, don’t smoke when you are shooting.”

“Just, tell me where it is, okay? I need it.”

“I put it in your bag. It’s in the costume trailer.” Zhou Mi replied. “I won’t go there and take it for you.”

“Fine. I will take it myself.”

With that, Han Geng rose from his chair and walked to the trailer, leaving Zhou Mi alone. Damn, he really needed something to calm down his nerves. This whole stalker thing bugged his mind. He needed to stay focus to shoot his next scene.

He went looking for his bag when he arrived at the trailer. He found his bag lying on the makeup table not far from the door. He didn’t know how his bag could end up there. The trailer was empty at the moment. It looked like the costume crews were away. Didn’t they feel afraid leaving those expensive clothes like this? Han Geng shook his head and began searching for his cigarette pack inside his bag. He found it beneath his jacket. Then he unzipped the front bag and searched for his lighter. He always put it there.

Then he found a white paper there. Han Geng didn’t remember he put that paper inside. He didn’t remember having that paper too. Han Geng eyes widened when he realized something. Could it be another letter from the stalker? With a frantic move, Han Geng grabbed the paper and read it. This one still used Chinese and it’s written in a failed attempt to write Chinese characters.

You are my shining star, shining for me and only me

Han Geng’s breath became series of short pants as his hear beat faster. He could feel his blood rushed inside his veins. He reread the letter again and again until his head hurt from reading it too much. Yes, it’s another letter from that stalker. The stalker had made their next move.

Han Geng held the paper tightly. He felt his body shuddered once again and he felt dizzy. It proofed one poin to him. The stalker was here. One of the crews or maybe one of the actors or actresses. That’s why Han Geng felt they were near him. That explained a lot.

There were really near him.

Han Geng tossed the paper inside his bag and walked away from the trailer, his cigarette was forgotten. It’s not safe to be in the trailer alone. He didn’t know what this stalker could do to him. He had encountered a lot of stalker before. But never, there’s no stalker who managed to put their letter his personal belongings. There’s no one who did that. And no stalker worked with him before. That’s why this stalker could be very dangerous.

Han Geng felt the world started spinning. He felt dizzy. He couldn’t breathe properly. He continued to walk to the shooting location. He didn’t want to wander alone with this entire random people surrounding him. Who could guarantee him that they were not the stalker? His head hurt so badly and he really couldn’t breathe. His step became slower and he practically dragged his feet. He felt so weak for all the sudden. He really couldn’t breathe.


Then there were arms on his shoulder and waist, supporting him from falling to the ground. He glanced at whoever helped him. It’s Yesung. It’s that creepy weird Yesung. Han Geng wanted to push that man away but he was too weak to do that. And he still couldn’t breathe.

“Hyung, are you okay?” Yesung asked.

“Can’t... breathe...”

“Hold on... Shit! Are you having a panic attack?” Yesung asked. He patted Han Geng’s back in a shooting way, trying to calm the older man.

Han Geng couldn’t do anything but to lean to the younger man’s body. He let Yesung to pat his back and touched his shoulder. Then he could breathe again. Thanked god he could breathe again! He regained his strength back after that.

“Thanks, Yesung-ah.” Han Geng said.

“You don’t look well, hyung. What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m okay.”

“C’mon, I’ll help you to walk. Then you can have a rest.” Yesung slung his arm over Han Geng’s shoulder to help him walk.

“But, we will shoot our next scene.”

“I’ll talk to Mr. Wong. He will listen to me.”

Han Geng was not sure the director would listen to Yesung but he was sure he would let him rest if he looked at his condition. So he just nodded his head and let Yesung walked him back to the airport. Han Geng’s mind kept wandering to the letter he had found.

“You know, you can always rely on me of you want.” Yesung said.

Han Geng turned his head to Yesung. He didn’t like the look on Yesung’s face.

“You are like a star, hyung. I will protect your light and let you shine brightly.”

Han Geng didn’t like Yesungs’s smile at all. He looked so weird, so dangerous. It made Han Geng’s body shudered a little. But Han Geng tried his best to hide his fear and smiled nervously at him. He made his last mental note to stay away from Yesung.

He had to be careful.

~ Fanatic : to be continued~

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