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Fanatic (2/10)

thanks my mama, byto , to beta-read it XD

: Fanatic (2/10)
Pairing: Siwon/Hangeng
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Mystery
Summary : Hangeng had a perfect life. He’s an award winning actor, had a lot of loyal fans, and had a secret relationship with a Korean actor named Choi Siwon. His charm drew a lot of stalker around him. he could handle them just fine until one day, he faced the most fanatic stalker he ever faced
Disclaimer : not mine, never will :/

The sun shone through out his window so Han Geng had to cover his eyes to block the sunray. It looked like he forgot to draw his curtain down again last night. That explained the brightness in his room. He tried to get up but the lower part of his body was sore. He decided maybe he could go back to sleep again until the soreness disappeared. But when he saw the angry red numbers on his alarm clock, he knew he would be dead if he didn’t get ready in ten minutes.

“Shit! I’m dead!” Han Geng exclaimed loudly, his soreness suddenly disappeared.

“Good morning to you too, gege.”

Han Geng looked up to the smiling man who was sitting on his chair with his leg crossed and a bible lying on his lap. Siwon looked perfectly calm compared to Han Geng. He even drank a cup of coffee, a black coffee with no sugar, Han Geng could tell by its smell. And he was nicely dressed. He even put the shirt which Han Geng bought for him back in Korea. And it’s perfectly clear that the younger man had taken a bath and he was ready to face the day.

“The alarm didn’t work?” Han Geng checked his alarm clock just in case it’s broken.

“It worked just fine, gege. It woke me up at nine.” Siwon replied.

Han Geng shot him a disbelief look, “You have been awake since nine?”

“Yes, I have.”

“And you have been there, sitting with your bible, like there’s nothing wrong with me oversleeping like that?”

“Yes.” Siwon’s smiled was all charming but annoying at the same time.

“You didn’t wake me up?”

“I like to see you sleep, gege. You looked gorgeous sleeping naked like that.”

If Han Geng had more times, he would definitely find a way to wipe that smug grin out off Siwon’s face. But for now, he had to think how the hell he would get ready in ten minutes because in ten fucking minutes the great annoying Zhou Mi would show up in his apartment to drag him to the show he had to attend.

“It’s your fault!” Han Geng got up from the bed and ran to the bathroom. The door was miraculously opened, not that he cared.

“It’s not my fault that you can’t resist my charm.” somehow Han Geng could imagine Siwon’s smirk grew wider. He didn’t need to turn his head to check that.

“But it’s still your fault! I’ve told you Zhou Mi will come to pick me at eleven!” Han Geng cried.

“So? I don’t see anything wrong with me and you making love last night.” Siwon teased. “Wow, I like the view from here, gege. You know, you get a very nice ass.”

“Pervert.” Han Geng muttered but didn’t bother to close the bathroom door. “And you still say those dirty words with your lovely bible on your lap.”

“God will forgive me.” Siwon made a praying gesture with his hands.

“Amen.” Han Geng added with sarcasm. Really, this was why he couldn’t understand Siwon and his religion at all.

Han Geng took a very quick shower while Siwon continued to read his bible. Then he went to grab whatever shirt he had and combed his hair. That’s when he realized the giant bite mark on his neck. Damn, it wouldn’t go unnoticed. Han Geng sent Siwon his deadliest dead glare but the younger man just smiled back at him. He was certainly proud of what he had done to Han Geng.

That’s why he ended up wearing a turtle neck in the middle of this hot day. Han Geng made a mental note to take revenge to Siwon. He was making a really detailed plot of how he would tortured Siwon (which included a ‘no-fried-rice day’ for 3 days straight) when he heard someone rang his bell.

“Oh God, Zhou Mi is here.” Han Geng groaned.

“Gege, don’t say God’s name in vain.” Siwon called out.

“Don’t act like a host when you read your bible!” Han Geng yelled back in frustration.

Han Geng heard Siwon snorted and said something in Korean. Han Geng ignored him and went to the door to greet the over cheerful Zhou Mi who was smiling brightly at him. Really, could he stop smiling for once?

“Gege! Are you ready?” Zhou Mi asked.

“Not yet, Mi. Just wait inside, okay. I’m sorry.” Han Geng held the door to let Zhou Mi walked in.

“Why are you wearing a turtle neck? It’s so hot out there.” Zhou Mi asked him when he finally sat on his couch.

Han Geng wanted to tell him that it’s not his business. But he was late because Siwon decided it’s time to go out from his hiding and greeted Zhou Mi. When Zhou Mi spotted Siwon coming out from Han Geng’s bedroom, he did a quick math and successed to add one and one to get a conclusion that Han Geng just got laid. His face broke into a grin and he was smiling slyly at Han Geng.

“Gege, I know you and Siwon haven’t met each other for a long time, but sex before an interview is a big no no.” Zhou Mi said. If he was going to scold Han Geng for what he had done, well, it looked he was quite happy that Han Geng got laid the night before.

Han Geng just rolled his eyes and groaned. Sometimes he couldn’t understand Zhou Mi and his random train of thought.

Han Geng continued to get ready while listening to the two younger men chatting in the living room. Siwon and Zhou Mi were pretty close. Han Geng introduced Siwon to Zhou Mi because Zhou Mi was like his brother and he wanted his brother to accept Siwon. It’s good Zhou Mi liked Siwon because who couldn’t fall in love with the perfect Siwon? It’s good too that Siwon liked Zhou Mi as well. Zhou Mi always had his way to blind everyone with his shining smile.

“I’m ready. Should we go now?” Han Geng asked.

Siwon walked to Han Geng’s side and gave a peck to his hand, “I’ll drive you.”

Across the room, Han Geng could feel Zhou Mi eyes were staring at Siwon with his annoyed look, “No. I will be the one who drive Geng gege to the TV station.”

“Geng likes me to drive him.” Siwon had his arms on Han Geng’s shoulder.

“I’m his manager. It’s my duty to make sure he arrives at the shooting location on time.” Zhou Mi added.

“And I’m his boyfriend. It’s my duty to make sure he’s safe.” Siwon kissed Han Geng’s cheek.

While he was happy that these two men cared for him, Hankyung was annoyed. Zhou Mi was a good friend. Siwon was a good boyfriend. But they liked to act possessive towards him. It could be proven by Siwon’s cuddling habit and him liking to leave mark on Han Geng’s body. And Zhou Mi, he liked to stick to Han Geng. He’s just an overgrown puppy who liked to follow his master. Han Geng made a mental note to ask the agency to give him a driver.

In the end, Zhou Mi drove him because Siwon needed to go to the hotel where the Korean casts and crews from their movie stayed. Siwon’s manager was mad at him because Siwon didn’t tell him that he went to Beijing alone. The Korean crews had arrived this morning and currently resting in their hotel. Zhou Mi gave a v sign to Siwon when he and Han Geng left the apartment.

Han Geng thought the pout on Siwon’s face was priceless. It’s a pity he didn’t have his camera with him so he couldn’t take a picture and use it to blackmail Siwon.


There’s a party to welcome the Korean staff and to welcome back the director to Beijing. Han Geng had to wear his turtle neck, a black one this time, because he certainly didn’t want his colleague to know about the giant love mark on his neck. And he definitely didn’t want to spend his time telling them that Siwon did that to him.

“You don’t look so excited about this.”

Han Geng turned his head to the smiling man beside him. He didn’t know why Siwon could maintain that smile all the time. He had managed to charm the female lead actress (which happened to be a famous actress and she was older than Siwon), the female staffs, and some female reporters.

“I want to go home.” Han Geng said.

“So we could have another round of hot sex session?” Siwon asked with an innocent smile.

Han Geng held the urge to slap his own face. Who said Siwon was a perfect gentleman? If he was permitted to tell the reporters, he would announce that Siwon was a number one gigolo.

“I don’t really like meeting a lot of people like this.” Han Geng admitted. “I prefer to read books than going to a party like this.”

“You are a boring person, gege.” Siwon complained.

“And you still love me.” Han Geng added.

Both of them shared a similar muffled chuckle because they knew they were being watched here. They had to put a distance because they didn’t want people to get suspicious with them. Yes, they knew people knew them as a close friend. But still, they had to be very careful since there were a lot of cameras here.

They went to greet the director (Han Geng was a big fan of him and they ended up talking for awhile, leaving Siwon alone because Siwon couldn’t understand what they were saying because they were speaking Cantonese and Siwon didn’t understand it and he didn’t know since when Han Geng mastered that language). And then they greet Siwon’s manager (a guy named Leeteuk who was a very caring person. He would make a good mother, Han Geng noticed. A very good mother). They didn’t forget to greet the other casts and they were having a good time with them.

“Oh! Hello there, Siwon-ah! Ni hao, Geng gege!”

Han Geng was stalled by the loud greeting coming from a young man who was coming from nowhere. Han Geng didn’t notice this man until he made his exaggerating greeting. He swore he didn’t know this man before. But by the way Siwon’s act, the younger man knew this man.

“Yesung-hyung! I’ve been looking for you!” Siwon gave that man a highfive.

“I know you can’t resist my charm. I am like the best partner you could get for this movie.” the Yesung guy said with a smile.

They were speaking in Korean. But since Han Geng knew Korean, he could understand. Han Geng looked at Siwon to ask him about this man mental stage. When Siwon just shrugged, Han Geng made a mental note to stay away from this man.

“Siwon, who’s this?” Han Geng asked.

It looked this man knew some Chinese. He threw a disbelief look to Han Geng and Han Geng just raised his eyebrows in confusion. That Yesung guy looked at Siwon.

“He doesn’t know me? How could it be? I have played a lot of movies, big hit movies. And I’ve sung a lot of ballad songs. And he doesn’t know me?” Yesung asked Siwon.

“Hey, I can speak Korean, you know.” Han Geng interrupted.

Yesung looked at Han Geng and gapped. Suddenly he bowed his head and looked at him in complete awe, “Awesome! I know you are multi talented. As expected from an international actor like you. But you know, you should dress up more when you are in airport. I don’t mean to offend you but you look weird sometimes.”

Han Geng didn’t know how to react. He just nodded his head in clear confusion. Siwon tugged his suit jacket and gave a don’t-mind-what-he-has-said-to-you look to Han Geng. Han Geng once again just nodded his head. It must be a Korean thing.

“Gege, this is Yesung. He will play as my partner in this movie.” Siwon introduced him to Han Geng.

Han Geng smiled to the youngest among them, “Han Geng, nice to meet you. You can call me Geng if you like.”

“Kim Jongwoon but everybody called me Yesung. I’m your big fan. I will try my best and make you proud of me.” Yesung said.

Han Geng had to hold the urge to throw this man outside the window.

Then, they were drowned in a conversation. Han Geng found out Yesung was an interesting man despite his over self confidence that he had decided quiet annoying but interesting at the same time. Soon the other casts joint them and they were having a casual conversation about nothing important. Siwon had to translate it to Yesung because that man’s Chinese was not as good as Siwon's. If the words were getting harder for Siwon to understand, Hang Geng would do the translator job.

Leeteuk came and asked Siwon to follow him. There’s something they need to talk with the director regarding his role. Han Geng was left alone in the middle of the big crowd. Han Geng sighed. He really hated to be left alone. Where’s Zhou Mi when he need him?


Han Geng turned his head to find Yesung standing beside him. The younger man offered him a glass of something Han Geng didn’t know what it was. He was smiling brightly. Han Geng didn’t really like that smile. It seemed there’s something behind that smile.

“Thank you.” Han Geng accepted the drink with a small smile.

“It’s my first time working in a foreign country.” Yesung said with a somehow proud smile.

“It must be hard for you.” Han Geng remembered the first time he shot a movie in Hong Kong. He was the only Chinese there. It’s always hard to work far away from your home.

“My voice would end up dubbed.” Yesung shrugged. “Damn, I hope they will find a good voice actor to cover up my voice. I don’t want my acting get ruined with a bad voice.”

Han Geng just chuckled lightly because he didn’t know how to react. This man really had something wrong with his brain.

“I’m looking forward to work with you. Please teach me anything you know.” Yesung said.

“Ah, I’m not that good.” Han Geng smiled shyly.

“No, no, no. You’re Han Geng, Chinese top actor. You’ve won best actor award in Cannes festival last year, haven’t you?”

“Ah... that’s true...”

“I’m very happy to work with you.” suddenly Yesung grabbed his hands and held them. “Like I said before, I’m your big fan.”

Han Geng felt uncomfortable with Yesung. He just nodded his head nervously and smiled. He pulled his hands and walked away from him in a polite way. He couldn’t understand this man. Why he was being so excited over meeting him. There’s something wrong with his attitude as well. Han Geng didn’t know what it was. He just felt odd.

And he felt someone was watching him.

Han Geng looked around him. Everybody was busy in his or her own business. They were chatting, laughing. But no one was looking at his direction. But Han Geng could felt their prying eyes staring at him. They were watching him. Han Geng didn’t like it. He was scared a little. He could felt it.

And there’s a hand on his shoulder. Han Geng jumped.

“Gege, are you alright?”

Han Geng turned his head to Zhou Mi. That man looked worried about him. He didn’t wear his usual bright smile. He was frowning a little. His hand was still on Han Geng’s shoulder, trying to calm the older man tensed shoulder. Han Geng looked around. He couldn’t felt the prying eyes on him again.

“Gege, you look a little bit pale.” Zhou Mi said.

Han Geng shook his head. He wiped the cold sweat on his face nervously, “I’m okay.”

Zhou Mi just nodded his head, “Umm, gege. I have someone who wants to meet you. He is my cousin and he will be one of the crew for your movie. Remember my cousin, Henry?”

Han Geng looked at a boy who was standing right beside Zhou Mi. Henry Lau, how could he forget about that boy? He really liked that boy. He went to Canada when his father got transferred there. Han Geng never heard about that boy again until now. He didn’t look different, still chubby and cute.

Han Geng managed to put his usual smile to greet that boy, “Henry! How are you?”

“I’m fine, gege!” Henry said with a big smile. “I really like your movie. Can I have your autograph? Mi doesn’t want to give me your autograph.”

Henry gave him his notebook. Han Geng smiled to him. It looked like Henry had turned to be his fan. At least he’s not as creepy as that Yesung guy. Han Geng reached for Henry’s notebook but he noticed his hand was still shaking from his experience back then. Han Geng bit his lower lip. Damn, why he’s shaking like this?

“I’m sorry. Maybe next time.” Han Geng smiled apologetically, “You will be a staff in my movie right?”

“Yes!” Henry exclaimed. “I can see you acting right in front of my eyes. Mi says that you are different when you act.”

“Henry, I think Geng gege needs to take a rest.” Zhou Mi said.

Henry whined at Zhou Mi. He really looked so cute. If only Han Geng was not too tired and too tensed, he would pinch Henry’s chubby cheek. Zhou Mi managed to send Henry away. Han Geng felt bad for that poor kid.

“I’m sorry for that, gege. Henry really wants to meet you so I sneaked him in.” Zhou Mi tried to explain. “He just came from Canada. He’s on holiday so he comes to China to visit me. The lighting crew needed one more person so Henry joined the crew. I don’t know where he learnt anything about lighting.”

“I need cigarette.” Han Geng cut off.


“I need to smoke.”

Han Geng walked away from Zhou Mi. He ignored the loud pleading for him to stop smoking at a party. Han Geng knew smoking was not good for his health. But he needed to smoke. So he went to the balcony and lit his cigarette.

Who was that? Who was staring at him like that? Han Geng was used to people staring at him. He had got used to those stalkers’ stare. But this time was different. There’s something different with that stare.

It scared him.


Han Geng smiled a little when he felt a pair of strong arms wrapped his waist. He held the urge to kiss Siwon’s cheek when the younger man put his chin on his shoulder. He liked the intimacy he had with Siwon. But he pushed Siwon away because it’s not the proper place to cuddle.

“You know we have the agreement to not hugging in a public place?” Han Geng said.

“I’m sorry.” Siwon frowned a little when he spotted the cigarette in Han Geng’s hand. “Gege, I’ve told you to stop smoking.”

“I need to smoke.” Han Geng argued.

“But gege... I don’t like it.”

Han Geng didn’t like the look Siwon gave to him. He looked hurt by Han Geng’s act. He looked sad. Han Geng felt guilty suddenly. Then he crushed the cigarette under his polished shoe and smiled at Siwon.

“There you go. I’m sorry.” Han Geng said.

“Gege, what happened when I was talking to the director? You look a little pale.” Siwon touched Han Geng’s forehead to feel his temperature.

“I’m okay. I’m just... a little bit scared.”

Siwon was allerted when Han Geng said the word ‘scared’, “Scared? Did someone do something bad to you? Should I give them a lesson?”

Han Geng was touched to see his boyfriend being so protective over him. Siwon was indeed sweet and caring. “You don’t have to do...”

There! Someone was watching him. Someone was watching Han Geng and Siwon. Han Geng eyes widened as he felt his body shuddered. He could feet their gaze. He could feel it.

“Geng... what’s wrong?” Siwon asked.

That gaze... It scared him. Their prying gaze scared him. Han Geng clutched his elbows and gritted his teeth. It scared him.

“Geng... tell me, what’s wrong with you?” Siwon patted him on his back and slung his other arm on his shoulder.

The gaze was filled with a strong emotion which made him shuddered in fear. Han Geng could felt their strong emotion. It’s filled with hatred. Pure hatred.

“Geng... are you okay?” Siwon asked softly.

And then he couldn’t felt that gaze again. The gaze had gone, disappeared. Han Geng was glad they stopped gazing at him. But his body still shaking a little and he felt dizzy. There’s nothing he wanted to do beside sit down somewhere.

“Geng, are you alright?” Siwon asked again.

Han Geng looked up to Siwon. That man looked very worried. Thanked to his arms Han Geng didn’t collapse to the floor because he felt his knees became very weak. What the hell was happening? Why did he get scared by that gaze? It’s rare for him get scared. He didn’t find it scary to walk in the dark alone. He wasn’t afraid to do extreme sports like bungee jumping. He was a brave man.

So why was this gaze scared him like this? He was used to this kind of thing. Being an artist attracted a lot of people attention. He was used to fans stalking him and staring continuously at him. He didn’t get bothered by them. But why this time, this very fucking time, he got scared by it? The first time was giving him goosebumps. And the second one nearly gave him a heart attack.


“I’m okay.” Han Geng said.

He felt bad to lie to Siwon. He didn’t want to tell Siwon about this. Not yet.

“I’m taking you home.” Siwon gropped his pocket and picked his car key.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“You don’t look good. You need to go home.”

Despite Han Geng soft protest, Siwon managed to drag Han Geng from the balcony. He excused themselves to the crowd, said Han Geng was ill and he needed to go home. He tried to find Zhou Mi but that man had gone home not long before Siwon announced he would take Han Geng home. Zhou mi had to drive his cousin back.

“Where’s Zhou Mi when we need him? I need him to go buy something warm for you to eat while I drive you to your apartment.” Siwon said.

“Henry is a minor, Siwon. He needed to go home.” Han Geng argued.

“Yet they let him to join the lighting crew?” Siwon asked in disbelief.

“Zhou Mi always has his own way to charm people with his smile, huh?” Han Geng tried to joke with his suddenly soft voice.

Siwon smiled at him and patted his head, “Let’s go home.”

Hankyung didn’t rise further complain. He let Siwon walked him to his car. He was glad that he didn’t need to walk to his car alone in this hour. The parking lot was quite dark. He didn’t want to be alone because he didn’t know if he could face that gaze again. He had Siwon if things had gone too far.

He spotted his car, a black stylish sport car. Siwon was happy to see it and rushed to the driver seat immedietly. Han Geng walked to the passenger seat. That’s when he spotted a white paper stuck on his front window. Han Geng picked that paper and read what was written on it.

Remember, who you are. You are our Geng

Han Geng eyes widened at those words. Stalker. No, whoever this person, they were scarier than stalker. It’s maybe just a short message, but Han Geng could feel there’s something more to it.

“Geng, are you ready?” Siwon called out.

Han Geng took that paper and put it in his pocket, “I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

Stalker or not, Han Geng wouldn’t lose to them.

~Fanatic 2 : end~

A/N : As usual, comments are welcomed!
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