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Fanatic (1/?)

Title : Fanatic (1/?)
Pairing: Siwon/Hangeng
Rating : PG
Summary : Hangeng had a perfect life. He’s an award winning actor, had a lot of loyal fans, and a secret relationship with a hot Korean actor named Choi Siwon. His charm drew a lot of stalker around him. he could handle them just fine until one day, he faced the most fanatic stalker he ever faced
Disclaimer : not mine, never will :/

A/N : So, i get this inspiration when I watch 2PM ‘Tik Tok’ and re-watching Epik High ‘Fanatic’. So, yeah, you got the idea wohohoho

There were a big number of reporters and fans waiting outside the hall which held the prestigious award ceremony. They waited patiently for a certain person to come up from inside. It’s late at night but nobody paid too much attention at the time. The only thing they cared was the fact that the ceremony had ended a couple hours ago so the person they waited would show up any time.

It seemed their waiting was not useless as one of the reporter spot a man came up from the building and headed to his car. And suddenly, it became a chaos. The reporters started to take some pictures of that handsome. The fans started to scream his name. Some were recording the whole thing with their camera. The person who tagged along with the man stepped in front of him to cover him from the amount of camera blitz which blinded their vision.

“It’s alright Zhou Mi. Let me handle them.” the man said.

Zhou Mi, who was still giving him a disbelief look, stepped beside him so now he was exposed to the media. The flash of camera blitz didn’t seem to bother the man since he was now smiling brightly at them. The reporters started to ask him with a lot of questions and tried to get to him first. The man just smiled his shining smile which stunned them for a moment.

“Good evening, everyone. I’m Han Geng.” he bowed to his fans and smiled to them.

He was sure one of the fans practically fainted right now. And he certainly didn’t blame his smile for it (they said he had a very killer smile, he didn’t believed it). If smiles, indeed, could kill, itu meant he had killed a lot of people until now. Maybe she was sick and needed a rest so she fainted. It was freezing here. He felt bad for them to wait for him in the middle of freezing night like this.

“Congratulation for your best actor award. We believe it’s your second time winning this award, isn’t it?” one of the reporters asks him.

Han Geng smiled his best smile to her, “Yes, it is. Thank you.”

“What do you feel about it?”

“Well, I’m very happy right now. But I think I must practice more. This award is a reminder for me to try my best in my next movie.” he replied.

“Speaking of your next movie, you will be paired with Choi Siwon again this time, right? What do you think about that?”

“Well, Siwon is a talented actor. I’ve worked with him before and I think we just make for each other.” Han Geng chuckled lightly as he heard the fans screamed, “in the screen I mean. He can cope up with me pretty well. I’m not saying I’m better than him but his acting is good. I’m looking forward to act with him.”

“In your last movie, you play as a Chinese police who chased a criminal to Korea and he played as the charming Korean police. But this time, he will be your rival, a bright police detective while you play the clever criminal mastermind. Will it be hard for both of you since you two are pretty close?”

Han Geng chuckled again (and it drew more screams from the fans), “Well, it’s just an act. That doesn’t affect the fact that we are friend. And it’s quite interesting to see him act as my arch enemy.”

“You will start shooting the movie next week, right?”

“Yes. We must wait for the Korean team to arrive here first. They will arrive at Beijing tomorrow. And then there will press conference and the usual stuff. Just wait for it.” Han Geng smiled again.

“So, does it mean that there will be some scene at Korea too?”

“There will some minor scenes at Korea. But they have shot those scenes so I don’t have to fly to Seoul.” Han Geng said. “It’s a pity though; it’s been awhile since my last visit to Korea.”

“When was your last time at Korea?”

“The last time we promoted ‘Silver Line’ at Seoul.” Han Geng replied.

Then Han Geng felt Zhou Mi patted his shoulder. The younger man gave him the look that screamed let’s-go-back-it’s-freezing. Han Geng nodded at him and decided to cut off this interview. It’s freezing so it’s best for them to go back already.

“One last word before you go please!”

Han Geng turned around and once again faced the camera and smiled, “Thanks for all your support. I appreciate all of your support to me until this time. I will try my best in the next movie. Just wait for it. I love you all.”

The fans screamed louder as Han Geng and Zhou Mi strode to their car. Some fans were approaching him to give some presents. He didn’t want to let their effort went useless, so he accepted them with a smile. He didn’t forget to tell them to go home because he didn’t want them to get sick. It of course drove them crazy and screamed hysterically again. Thanked to Zhou Mi, he was able to avoid the rest of the fans and got to his car safely.

“It looks like you were having a good time, Gege.” Zhou Mi said with a pout. He glanced at the numerous gifts Han Geng received at the backseat, “You get a lot of presents.”

“What? Are you jealous, Mi?” Han Geng teased him.

“Of course! Why is it always you who get the gift?” Zhou Mi pouted at him.

“Because I’m the actor and you are just my manager. Really, Mi? You can’t see the difference between that?” Han Geng chuckled while pulled his seat belt.

“I just think sometimes the manager must get more love. I mean, we are the one who keep your schedule. And we are the one who keep you alive.” Zhou Mi pulled his seat belt and started to turn on the engine.

“So stop being a manager and be a singer already.” Han Geng said. He turned on the radio. The sound of rapid Korean rap blared throughout the car.

“Gege, stop listening to that song. It’s killing my ears” Zhou Mi said.

“Why? I thought you like Korean songs.” Han Geng said. He like this Korean group but since it’s Zhou Mi’s car, he changed the song in to ballad Korean song Zhou Mi loved so much. Zhou Mi always said that he loved the singer’s voice, but Han Geng knew that Zhou Mi liked the singer’s physical appearance as well.

“Why don’t you just be singer and be with that Korean singer? What’s his name? Kyuhyun?” Han Geng asked him.

“Are you trying to kick me out, gege?” Zhou Mi pouted again. To be honest, it’s a little cute to see him pouting like that. Han Geng felt the urge to take a photo of him and used it to blackmail him. Ok, he was starting to act like a true criminal mastermind, huh?

“Nah, there’s no one who can replace you as my manager. So don’t worry about it.” Han Geng chuckled lightly at him. It drew more pouting image of Zhou Mi which made Han Geng burst into laughter.

“You are heartless, gege! Sometimes I don’t understand you at all!” Zhou Mi turned his head to the street.

“And you love me so much so you don’t turn your job.” Han Geng said. He smiled at Zhou Mi and patted his shoulder, “Thanks for all your help.”

Zhou Mi smiled brightly at him. He then drove the car and headed to Han Geng’s apartment. They talked a bit about the award and Han Geng’s schedule. Han Geng’s schedule was pretty tight for this 3 month. Han Geng read his schedule once again. It’s full of shooting, commercial, and a few shows. The same as usual. Live was hard for an award winning actor like him. He didn’t just act, he was also a singer who could dance even though he was focused in acting.

Han Geng closed his eyes and rubbed his temple. It looked he didn’t have a time to take some rest again.

“Gege, you have an interview at 12. I’ll pick you up at 11.” Zhou Mi reminded him.


“The Korean casts will come tomorrow.” Zhou Mi added.

“I know.” Han Geng said with a contemplative sigh.

“Well, you won’t forget about it since he will come.” Zhou Mi added with a cheerful tone.

Han Geng shot him a death glare. Well, it’s not like he didn’t understand what Zhou Mi actually meant behind those words. He knew perfectly well who he was referring to. But still, why with the big stupid grin and too cheerful tone?

“Don’t deny it, Gege. You are happy to meet that Siwon guy, aren’t you?” Zhou Mi teased him with a big grin plastered to his face.

“Of course I’m happy to meet him. He is my friend.”

“Your boyfriend.” Zhou Mi corrected in the most annoying tone Han Geng ever heard for all his life. “It’s not like I don’t know the truth behind those fanservice you give when you two are on interviews.”

“Zhou Mi,” Han Geng shot him his best icy glare, “shut up!”

“Why don’t you tell them that you went to Korea last week to meet Siwon?” Zhou Mi said with the same annoying tone. It looked he had immune with Han Geng death glare. Or maybe it was simply because he didn’t know the thing called ‘personal boundaries’. The fact that he knew what Han Geng did on his holiday was the absolute proof.

“You know what I was doing on my holidays?” Han Geng asked with a complete shock on his face.

“I’m your manager, Gege. Ofcourse I know your entire schedule including your holidays.” Zhou Mi grinned smugly at him.

“You are creepier than a stalker. At least I don’t share almost 7 days a week with them.” Han Geng sighed.

“Are you comparing me with a stalker? It hurts gege.” Zhou Mi gave him his best kicked puppy look. If that’s supposed to make Han Geng felt guilty, well, he failed.

“Why do I choose you as my manager?” Han Geng whined.

“Because you can’t resist my charm.”

“I hate you!” Han Geng exclaimed while burying his face behind his hands.

“I love you too, gege.” Zhou Mi replied with a smug grin. And then he realized the annoyed look Han Geng gave him for all this time. “Oh, I’ve forgot. You have Siwon now so you don’t need my love again.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Han Geng turned his head to the window. Suddenly the traffic light became the most interesting thing for him.

“Oh my, are you blushing, gege?” Zhou Mi asked.

“Okay, I get it. You can have that Louis Vuitton bag you are bitching about yesterday.”

“Really? The one your fan gave you yesterday?!”

“Yes. Just stop teasing me, okay?”

Zhou Mi smiled widely and thanked him. Han Geng sighed. If you want to shut Zhou Mi’s mouth, just give him a branded stuff and he would be your faithful little servant. Zhou Mi was lucky because he was Han Geng’s childhood friend so he still could face the morning sun everyday. And he was lucky because Han Geng was simply too nice and too patient for his own good. It’s Han Geng who chose him as his manager when the younger man decided to try his luck as a manager. Han Geng liked him but sometimes he couldn’t stand up against Zhou Mi’s acts. That man could be very annoying and charming at the same time.

Zhou Mi dropped Han Geng in front of his apartment when they arrived. Then he went back to his own apartment. Han Geng didn’t waste his time and stormed to his room. He was so tired with this entire award thing. There’s nothing he wanted beside a good night sleep. When he arrived in front of his room, he quickly pulled out his key and tried to open the door. And then, he felt something was wrong with his door.

The door was unlocked.

It’s strange. He was pretty sure that he had locked the door when he left his apartment this morning. He stopped awhile to recall his morning routine this day. Got up, drank a glass coffee, read the newspaper, got a call from Zhou Mi, took a bath, the usual morning routine. Yes, he had locked the door before he left his room. But the fact that it was unlocked now was so strange. He was not a clumsy person and he didn’t forget to lock his door. He began examining the door. There was no sign of damage or anything. So, no forceful entering? No lock picking and any other stuff? This fact lead to one reasonable conclusion he could think of.

The person who entered his room without his permission had a key to his room.

So that’s narrowed the potential suspect. Who have his apartment key by the way? Zhou Mi? No, he’s with Han Geng for all the time. His mother? No, she would call him if she wanted to come. Thief? Where did they get his key by the way? He wanted to cross out the stalker but he got to be very careful. Those stalkers managed to find his personal phone number before. It wouldn’t surprise him if they managed to find and made a duplicate of his room’s key. He opened his door quietly and peered in to his room. It was dark inside and he couldn’t see anything. Was it safe to go inside? What if the person who waited for him in the dark and attack him?

Okay, he started to act like his previous role as a police detective. He should stop doing this, deduction things was not for him anyway. It’s his room so he had the right to enter it without feeling worried. Beside he had mastered some martial arts for this kind of thing.

There’s nothing wrong inside the apartment. Yes, he couldn’t see anything but he didn’t feel anything either. It was safe, or at least that’s what he thought. And then he spotted something on his coffee table. He saw... a tiny flame dancing on his table? Wait a minute, What the hell?! He turned the light quickly and found...

A chocolate cake with a candle on it?

What the hell was that?! He looked at the cake with a confused look. Why was there a cake on his table? And the candle? What the hell was it all about?

Suddenly he was captured by a pair of strong arms. Those arms wrapped him from behind him. He was surprised and let out a small shriek escape his lips. Then he heard the attacker laughed at him. He knew that voice. How could he miss the playful tone in his laughter?

“Siwon! What are you doing in my apartment?!” Han Geng asked.

“Welcome home, gege!” Siwon said with a big grin. “I hope you like the cake as much as I do. I bought it at your favorite cake shop at Seoul.”

Han Geng stared at his lover with a complete disbelief. Ok, it made sense now. Siwon had his apartment key because he practically lived here when he was in Beijing. But the real question now was, what was he doing here? He was scheduled to arrive at Beijing tomorrow. So why did he turn up here? And that cake was from Seoul? It’s so sweet of him but sometimes Han Geng couldn’t understand that man train of thought.

“Thanks for the cake, but why are you here?” Han Geng asked again.

“I want to be the first person to congratulate you.” Siwon said with a dimpled grin.

“Well, you are late then. Zhou Mi did it first. I called my mother after I get the award. And then there were my friends, fans and reporters too. So it makes you... the last person to congratulate me.”

And then, Siwon kissed him hard on his lips. Han Geng didn’t expect it so he was shock by Siwon’s surprise act. Then he started to get used to Siwon’s lips and kissed him back. They shared a passionate kiss until both of them ran out of air.

“I supposed I’m the first person who gives you a congratulation kiss.” Siwon said with a smirk.

Han Geng just blushed and it made Siwon’s smirk grew bigger. He always knew a way to make Han Geng blushed like that. And then the two of them sat on the couch and enjoy the cake. It’s delicious. But it’s not delicious enough to keep Han Geng away from his curiosity.

“Why are you here? You are supposed to arrive tomorrow.” Han Geng asked.

“You don’t want to meet me, gege?” Siwon give him a kicked puppy look.

“Don’t do that. You know I’m used to it now.” Han Geng chuckled lightly.

“I just want to see you. Is that wrong?”

“No, there’s nothing wrong about that.” Han Geng smiled to him. To be honest, he was happy to see Siwon now. It’s been a long time since he saw Siwon. “But, really? You flied to Beijing just to say ‘congratulation’ to me? You know there’s a gadget called phone, don’t you?”

“I just want to be here to celebrate it with you tonight.” Siwon sighed. “Tomorrow will be another busy day. I don’t know if we can get some times alone.”

Han Geng stared at his lover’s eyes. He could see the sincerity in his eyes. Then he hugged the Korean man and closed his eyes. It’s been a long time since they spent their time alone. It’s not easy to maintain a long distance relationship. Although Siwon tried to act like he didn’t get bothered by it, Han Geng knew the younger man always worried about him. Han Geng knew perfectly well that it’s killing him inside.

“Thank you.” he whispered to Siwon’s ear.

Siwon smiled at him and stroked his hair. They shared a tender kiss, just lips on each other lips. It’s a small kiss but he could feel Siwon’s love. The broke up with a gentle kiss on each other lip.

“I love you, Siwon-ah.” Han Geng said in his accented Korean.

Siwon chukled at his Korean. “You know, ge. Your Korean is the worst.”

“Who said your Chinese is the best too, huh? You still get the accent when you speak Chinese!”

“But your accent is stronger than mine.” Siwon grinned at the Chinese man. “Maybe it’s one of the reasons why the Korean fans love you so much. They think your accent is sexy, Gege.”

Han Geng glared at the now laughing man. He indeed felt hurt by Siwon’s words. He didn’t like it when somebody mocked his Korean. Hell, he tried his best to master the language yet they still teased him. And he didn’t like it when Siwon mocked him too. He continued eating his cake while pouting. At least the fans loved his accent.

“Speaking of fans,” Siwon looked at his pouting lover (and held the urge to burst in to laughter), “you have such loyal fans, don’t you? There is a strong fans base in Korea too. What’s the secret behind that?”

“Maybe it’s because they can’t resist my charm.” Han Geng replied with a smug grin. “Hmm, I just try my best for them, give them my best performance, and encourage them. I don’t know why they love me so much.”

“It’s because you are such a nice person, Gege. Who doesn’t fall in love with your gentle smile and gentle voice? Like everybody says, you are everybody’s Han Geng.” Siwon smiled at him. It made Han Geng blushed again. “Well, sometimes I think you love your fans more than you love me. It hurts, you know?”

“The fans are the one who keep me alive. I treasure them with all my heart. They love me, so I have to love them back.”

“You know,” Siwon voice started to sound more serious than before, “sometimes you are too nice for your own good.”

Han Geng turned his face to face Siwon. He raised his eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

“The all I’m everybody’s Geng part.” Siwon looked at him with concern look. “I’m afraid it will provoke some crazy fans. You know, a stalker.”

Han Geng burst in laughter at Siwon’s words. It wasn’t like he mocked Siwon’s concern. The idea of him having a stalker was not a new thing for Han Geng. He always discussed it with Zhou Mi everytime. He had some stalkers and he had encountered them. It wasn’t a new thing. He could handle until now.

“Don’t worry, Siwon-ah. I can protect myself. You should see it when I faced a crazy mother who want me to marry her daughter.” Han Geng told him with a calm tone as it’s not a big thing.

Siwon nearly choked on his coke which he brought with him, “You... what? Your fan ask you to marry her daughter.”

“Well, it’s not the first time. I’m their dream son in law. Just like you, I assume. You do have some fans who want you to marry her or marry their daughter, don’t you?”

Siwon blushed a bit at the thought of some random girls wanted to married him. Han Geng didn’t know if Siwon never thought about it before. Maybe he never check all polls the fans made for him. Besides, who didn’t want to marry such a gentleman?

“What did she do to you?” Siwon asked him.

“The usual stuff,” Han Geng said, “stalking, sending me messages. But she had crossed the line, she waited for me in front of my door. I managed to talk to her and convinced her that I couldn’t marry her daughter.”

“She didn’t do anything else?”

“No.” Han Geng was confused by Siwon’s disbelief look he gave to him. “What is it, Siwon-ah? You don’t believe it?”

“She didn’t...” Siwon stopped for awhile, “kidnapped you, locked you up, or turning you in to her experiments?”

Han Geng laughed harder and it hurt his stomach. He felt bad when he saw Siwon’s confused look. But he couldn’t hold his laughter.

“You watch too much drama, Siwon-ah. It doesn’t happen in real life.” Han Geng said to him.

“But I just... I don’t want you to get hurt by those stalkers.” Siwon said.

Han Geng hugged the younger man immediately, “I will take care of myself. Don’t worry about me.”

“I can’t help it,” suddenly Siwon grinned widely at him, “I’m your number one fans.”

Han Geng chuckled lightly and kissed him. Yes, Siwon was his number one fan. He didn’t need to think about his other fans. As long as he had Siwon in his arms, there’s no one he needed. Even though there were some stalkers out there, he absolutely didn’t care about it. He could handle them.

Or at least, he thought he could handle them.

~Fanatic chapter 1 : End~

A/N : I got the inspiration to creat the ‘I’m everbody’s Geng’ part when Kyuhyun asked Hangeng ‘are you my Han Geng’ LOL I love Kyuhyun and his comments XD Comments are welcomed! 
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